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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Death to Pennies
December 1, 2011
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There have been lots of calls to get rid of the humble penny. In a recent informal CBC survey, 76.67 percent of respondents agreed that the Canadian penny should be retired, and last year a Senate finance committee recommended that the federal government remove the coin from circulation. The committee pointed out that the coin has lost 95 percent of its purchasing power since 1908, and it now costs 1.5 cents to produce a single penny.

This video, which focuses on the U.S. version of the coin, takes the argument a little further. It's a compelling (and pretty entertaining) explanation of why the penny should be removed from circulation. It was created by C.G.P. Grey, who has produced several explanatory videos in the past. This particular vid has a pretty clear agenda, though, perhaps best expressed by its title: 'Death to Pennies'.

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