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IMAGES OF THE DAY: Transit Posters From Canada’s Past
July 14, 2012
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If you've ever taken public transit, you're probably aware that there's an etiquette to the whole experience: some of that is explicit ("please move to the back of the car") and some not so much (don't put your shopping bags on an empty seat in a crowded bus).

It turns out public transit ads in a couple of Canada's major cities used to make those questions of etiquette a whole lot more explicit. But at least they did so in style, as you can see in this collection of vintage ads from the Toronto and Vancouver transit systems:

Toronto Transit Commission Ads from various eras...








And here are some vintage ads from Vancouver, circa 1958. Less focus on etiquette, but you've got to be happy that angry guy's not driving...


In more recent subway etiquette news, an enterprising artist in NYC has taken it upon himself to produce posters explaining what not to do while riding transit today. Check out a couple of Jay Shells' commandments below:



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