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VIDEO OF THE DAY: It’s Penguin Time!
May 7, 2012
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What do penguins do in Antarctica during the long winter months? It's hard for human camerapeople to find out - due to extremely harsh weather conditions, humans can't work on the continent during that season. But a set of 16 hidden cameras overlooking penguin colonies have taken rare still images of the lives of penguins through the Antarctic winter. And it turns out - penguins stand around a lot.

So while the images the cameras (which were placed by researchers from the Zoological Society of London) snapped aren't exactly revelatory, they are an interesting look at life on a remote continent. Unfortunately the cameras were covered by snowfall for part of the winter, but they still managed to capture the images in the video below. Check out some snapshots of life in a gentoo penguin colony on the Antarctic peninsula, and then some shots of king penguins on South Georgia Island:

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