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The Hashtag Of Happiness: #ImHappiestWhen
September 26, 2012
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So last night on the show, we had happiness expert and author Gretchen Rubin on our panel.

To mark the occasion, George sent out a tweet asking people to finish this sentence: #ImHappiestWhen.

He got everyone started with this:


There you have it: that's what makes George happy. And here's what Gretchen said:


Well, it looks like George and Gretchen aren't the only ones who wanted to talk about happiness. The tweet went out at around 6 pm yesterday, and it picked up steam pretty quick.

According to tweet-tracking site Hashtags.org, there were 6,363 tweets with the hashtag #ImHappiestWhen from 6 to 7 pm, which is a lot of talk about happiness. But that was just the beginning.

During the hour before midnight, around 28,000 people tweeted a message with the hashtag. Pretty huge. The hashtag was actually trending around the world.

And the trend seems to be continuing today: there were over 17,000 tweets featuring #ImHappiestWhen between 2 and 3 pm.

It shows you how much people like sharing their idea of happiness.

And based on an unscientific survey of tweets, we'd say the following three things are by far the most important elements of a happy life (these tweets keep coming up again and again):

1) Being with "you" (#ImHappiestWhen I'm with you)

2) Avoiding hunger (#ImHappiestWhen I'm eating)

3) Plenty of rest (#ImHappiestWhen I'm asleep)

So there you have it: love, food, and sleep. Pretty much all you need in life.

But let's get into the specifics. Here are a few of the best/most interesting responses we've seen so far.

And while we're at it: when are you happiest? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below.

@WizKhalllifa #ImHappiestWhen I wake up and and see a "good morning" text from you.

@AnnieAshwell99 #ImHappiestWhen i have my duvet on the sofa, with tea and biscuits while watching a sitcom.

@nonabona love new york city dawn #nyc #ImHappiestWhen I am in New York City


@Tragic_Elf #ImHappiestWhen my fridge is full of food.

@nascarchick_3 #ImHappiestWhen I'm either watching or writing about #NASCAR

@WomensHumor #ImHappiestWhen I'm with my Friends: Monica, Rachel, Pheobe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross

@PaigeRGillies #ImHappiestWhen I'm reading a nice book, snuggled in my duvet on a rainy day. :') Those are the best.

@Iloveejrb7 #ImHappiestWhen I play with my son & he has the biggest, cheesiest smile in the world:D.. Best Feeling Ever!!!!<3

@RileeeMarie #ImHappiestWhen getting a stuffed block in volleyball. Seriously, best feeling ever.

@e_mohler #ImHappiestWhen I'm galloping my horse on a quiet trail through the hills.

@TheNoviceTweetR #ImHappiestWhen: (censured) (censured) (censured) (censured) (censured) (censured)

@AppleFalconio #ImHappiestWhen in the company of friends with good food, good wine and great music! :)

@t_cole14 #ImHappiestWhen I'm listening to music on a long car ride. It's peaceful.

@LetsTalkPotter #ImHappiestWhen Reading Harry Potter, watching Harry Potter, talking about Harry Potter, tweeting about Harry Potter. #Potterhead

@megarich97 #ImHappiestWhen I'm alone with my 200000000 cats

@hash_haq #ImHappiestWhen I'm going 196mph


@ThatGuy_Dylan36 #ImHappiestWhen i can listen to country music all day!

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