The Best Songs About Small Towns

What’s your favourite song about a small town? We wanted your help to make our list, and you answered. Thanks for that!

On that list was "Lakes" by The Strumbellas — who also wrote "Did I Die," the theme song for Still Standing.

“I miss that town that lonesome, lonesome town/Oh I miss my heart for not being around”

We tracked down Strumbellas lead guitarist Jon Hembrey to kick off our list of the best small town songs, to ask him whether “Lakes” was inspired by a particular place.

“It's safe to say that ‘Lakes’ is at least partly inspired by Lindsay, Ont., where most of the band is from. So that's great that people suggested it,” said Hembrey.

So what makes a great small town song? “A great small town song is one that brings you back to the place where you grew up. It might be a lyric that evokes a certain memory or maybe just the general vibe of the song that reminds you of home.”

And his personal favourite?

“My favourite song about small towns is Neil Young's ‘Helpless.’ It's such a beautiful, haunting song. Young has said in previous interviews that it is partially about Omemee, Ont., where he spent some years of his childhood. Omemee is just outside of Lindsay and is where I grew up, too. So it's always been a special song for me.“

Neil Young “Helpless”

Some of the top votes went to:

Stompin’ Tom Connors “Sudbury Saturday Night"

The Tragically Hip “Bobcaygeon”

A number of you mentioned this Mellencamp classic:

But the list is seemingly endless! You pointed out gems like The Guess Who “Running Back to Saskatoon”;  Jann Arden “The Sound of”; The Rankin Family  "Weddings Wakes and Funerals"; John Denver “Grandma’s Feather Bed”; Dean Brody “People Know You By Your First Name” and so many more! A special kudos to Roxane Christina Beyette for sharing her amazing, epic list of small town songs that you can check out on our Facebook Page and let us know which other ones we missed!


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