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EPISODE | 3x06

Avondale, N.L.


Jonny goes for a white-knuckle spin in a race car at Avondale's Eastbound International Speedway. Watch the clip above.

In this episode, Jonny chats with a double lung transplant recipient, meets a local country star, and tours the local train museum.

Avondale was once a pit stop from one place to another but the community is excited about an official NASCAR race track — the Eastbound International Speedway and Concert Park — that could give people from all over the world a high octane reason to visit.

5 facts about Avondale, N.L.

  • Population: 641 (as of 2016)
  • The town originally went by the name "Salmon Cove" but after several decades, it was re-named Avondale in 1877, to avoid confusion with multiple other nearby communities called Salmon Cove.
  • Avondale is home to a lot of iron workers, many of whom plied their trade down in Boston and New York, finding steady work building skyscrapers that went up to build the downtown cores of those cities. Today there are still multiple locals in town that worked on the original World Trade Centre in New York.
  • In 1911, Reverend Jon Roe, an Irishman who named the town and served the parish as a mission, died. Later that same night the church was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. A new church was
    built the following year but in 1972, the church was again struck by lightning and the famous steeple was destroyed by the subsequent fire. It would take 10 years before it was replaced and since then — knock on wood — the church has been lightning-free.
  • With the race track now in town, and events every weekend, Eastbound has become the spot to go for weekend gatherings for the people of Avondale.