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EPISODE | 2x13

Maple Creek, Sask.

AIR DATE: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 at 9 P.M. / 9:30 NT on CBC-TV

After a devastating flood, these new Canadians helped their small Saskatchewan town restore its beloved 19th-century hotel.

Also in this episode, Jonny calls the shots at a cow auction, makes an order of horse nuts, and goes horseback riding to check on a herd of cows.

Maple Creek remains a work in progress, once again on a sane, stable and progressive road to recovery. The 150 year old town is seizing the opportunity to do more than just repair the damage. Embracing its rich history, the town must push forward with the fearlessness of its frontier heritage to what it will become in the next 150 years.

5 facts about Maple Creek, Sask.

  • Population: 2,400 (approx).
  • Town slogan: "Where past is present."
  • Maple Creek is the hub of Southwestern Saskatchewan. The town is about 50 kilometres east of the Alberta border (104 kilometres east of Medicine Hat) and 137 kilometres west of Swift Current, about 120 kilometres north of Montana.
  • The town became a community of early adopters, including being one of the first to have a sewage system installed.
  • On June 18, 2010, Maple Creek and the surrounding area was hit with a flood no one saw coming. It had a devastating effect, flooding 1/3 of the town, destroying buildings, businesses, and homes.

Maple Creek, Sask., was once known as the Cattle capital of Canada. But after the BSE “Mad Cow” crisis of 2003, followed by a flood in 2010, the community has been left with empty businesses, damaged buildings, and broken hearts (cue the country music). Now the people seek greener pastures by rolling up their collective sleeves to help rebuild one of Canada’s great western towns.