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EPISODE | 2x06

Eganville, Ont.


AIR DATE: TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016 at 9 P.M. / 9:30 NT on CBC-TV

In this episode, Jonny goes spelunking, takes on a paper route, and gets his squares in order for bingo night.

Eganville has seen better times. Despite sitting on a main highway their store fronts are empty because cars just don’t stop. This town continues to try and figure out how to get the people out of the cars and on to their majestic white water river to build a better future.

5 facts about Eganville, Ont.

  • Population: 1,226 (2011)
  • Town motto: "The Jewel of the Bonnechere."
  • Eganville is the Ordovician Capital of Canada.
  • Eganville has experienced a mass exodus of its youth, though it is largely a retirement destination: the average age is nearly 48 years old.
  • The village has suffered a freakish number of fires in the commercial core: the sawmill, town grocery/bakery, the Lutheran Church, the Catholic Church, the Eganville Business Centre, and its historic hotel, Rooney’s have all been destroyed by fire.

While the surrounding areas flourish from the Ottawa Valley tech boom, Eganville, Ont., has been left behind to struggle with empty storefronts, a dwindling population, and passing motorists who see little reason to stop. Since spike strips aren't "tourist-friendly", the town is hoping its majestic white water river will float people's boats enough to get them out of their cars.