EPISODE | 1x09

Wawa, Ont.

This episode, Jonny kisses a transgender moose, meets a third-degree black belt making unusual sculptures and a dynamite expert who blows up beaver dams.

5 Facts about Wawa

• Population: 2,975
• Wawa is an Ojibway word for “wild goose"
• In Wawa it is illegal to paint a ladder as it would be unsafe and slippery when wet
• Location of the Hudson Bay Company headquarters from 1827 to 1887
• The Wawa Goose monument was unveiled in September, 1960. It stood 27 feet high, 23 feet long and weighed 150,000 pounds and was replaced by a 4400lb goose three years later

You know you’ve arrived in Wawa, Ontario when you see the giant rusty Canada goose hovering over the Trans Canada Highway. A three-hour drive north of Sault Ste. Marie and six hours away from Thunder Bay, it’s a great place to be unless you’re a hitchhiker. Massive closures in the mining and forestry industries crippled the economy but haven’t dulled the spirits of the residents of Wawa, who call themselves “honkers.” They are a relentlessly happy bunch who know that Wawa is much more than a pee break on a road trip across Canada. In Wawa you can walk outside and see the northern lights in your pajamas, dive into Lake Superior and drink the water, and enjoy an abundance of unspoiled wilderness. Naturally, tourism is its daily bread.