EPISODE | 1x02

Coleman, Alta.

This episode, Jonny learns how to embrace the danger, live for the moment, and be prepared for anything.

5 Facts About Coleman

  • Population: 1,065
  • Once known as “The Pittsburgh of Canada”
  • On April 29, 1903 The Frank Slide buried the mining town of Frank under 90 million tons of rock as they slept. The 70-90 victims remain buried in the rubble
  • Location of The World’s Biggest Piggy Bank
  • The town's local landmark is a 750-year-old dead tree

If it ain’t tough, it ain’t Coleman. Tucked in along the continental divide between the Southern Alberta Rockies and the British Columbia border, Coleman, Alberta is populated by resilient people that are a product of the tragic mining history that built the town. One hundred years ago it was filled with cowboys and underground tough necks living in tiny mining shacks.

A series of strikes, floods, shootouts, fires, landslides and mine disasters have reshaped the economic landscape of Canada’s Wild West. But unlike a canary in a coalmine, the residents of Coleman show little signs of distress as a result of all this trouble. The cowboys still wrestle steers and though the miners have to cross the B.C. border to work, they still get their kicks back home by simulating mine disasters at the local curling rink.