EPISODE | 1x01

Bamfield, B.C.

In this episode, Jonny befriends a local socialite with a cannon, learns the difference between kelp and sea weed, narrowly survives a fake Tsunami and discovers the true meaning of hard-core community.

5 Facts About Bamfield

  • Population: 150
  • Entry point to the famous West Coast Trail, a former escape route for ship-wrecked sailors that runs along the coast known as "The Graveyard of the Pacific"
  • The Bamfield Marine Sciences Research Centre is a world-renowned facility and the town's main employer, with 30 employees
  • The town's 'main street' is a small inlet that divides Bamfield into east and west
  • There are only 14 students at the Bamfield Community School

Jonny washes up on the shores of Bamfield, British Columbia, a once-thriving fishing village located on the western edge of Vancouver Island. Accessible only by a single logging road, Bamfield is a tiny town without banks, restaurants or a high school. But it does boast a fishing lodge and a world class Marine Science Centre, where our intrepid host learns first-hand that sea cucumbers go limp when they are unhappy.

To get across the inlet that divides Bamfield, all you have to do is hit the wharf and holler for Mark, the water taxi man. He’ll take you across the waterway, which serves as a lifeline bringing tourism, business, food and friends via ferry, three times a week. It’s an unusual life, but despite their ongoing struggles to literally keep the wolves, cougars and bears at bay, most locals describe Bamfield as a near-perfect paradise with a strange and captivating allure: you almost have to be crazy to live here and yet you’d do anything to stay.