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EPISODE | 4x04

Sneak peek: Wilberforce, Ont.

Teenager Erik Morrison has a unique hobby: creating tiny, handmade wilderness survival kits. His entrepreneurial spirit even landed his products in a local outdoor store!

"I got a feeling Still Standing is not gonna be the only CBC show this kid features on," host Jonny Harris says. "He's gonna be on Dragons' Den. Although if he keeps hiring his eight-year-old sister, he might get investigated by Marketplace as well." 

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The struggling hamlet, Wilberforce, Ontario, has lost its industry and infrastructure, so now the community is rebranding themselves as a go-to destination by capitalizing on its natural outdoor beauty.

5 facts about Wilberforce

  • Population: 500
  • Everyone calls Wilberforce a town, but technically, it’s not. It’s a hamlet (small settlement) within a larger municipality called Highlands East.
  • Approximately 95 per cent of the world’s supply of the mineral fluororichterite is found in Wilberforce, and it’s all on one couple’s property.
  • Geocaching is a big deal in this area. The town's official GeoTour is the No. 1 geocaching tour in Canada and No. 3 in the world, taking you on an exploration of pristine lakes, scenic locations and historical sites.
  • Wilberforce has many amenities that are unusual for a town its size: a fire hall, community centre, and a curling rink. But this is because the community came together as volunteers to raise money and help build these buildings with their own hands. There’s a real attitude in the community of, “I thought we needed this, so I just did it.”