Season 4

Episode 4x01

Tignish, PEI

TUES SEPT 18 @ 8 PM | Season Premiere | Residents of Tignish are banking on new initiatives to get by, like harvesting sea plants for cattle.

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Episode 4x02

Carcross, Yukon

TUES SEPT 25 @ 8 PM | Jonny bikes down Montana Mountain, tries his hand at Tlingit artwork and braves the bees to help expand the colony at the local apiary.

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Episode 4x03

Rogersville, N.B.

TUES OCT 2 @ 8 PM | Jonny tries to keep up with the Run Club, harvests crops at the community garden and dips into the very serious ick-factor of making Kombucha.

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Episode 4x04

Fraser Lake, B.C.

TUES OCT 9 @ 8 PM | Jonny helps prep some purebred bulls for auction, visits the town’s ‘Newfoundland Cul-de-Sac’ and gets taken hostage by the RCMP.

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Episode 4x05

Cobalt, Ont.

TUES OCT 16 @ 8 PM | After its schools and businesses closed, Cobalt, Ont., is rebuilding its reputation as a rough-and-tumble mining town.

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Episode 4x06

New Denmark, N.B.

TUES OCT 23 @ 8 PM | When Canada was in its infancy, a small but fierce group of Danish immigrants settled in N.B. Today, their descendants hold on to their Danish roots.

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Episode 4x07

Wilberforce, Ont.

TUES OCT 30 @ 8 PM | The struggling hamlet, Wilberforce, Ont., is rebranding themselves as a go-to destination by capitalizing on its natural outdoor beauty.

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Episode 4x09

Huntingdon, Que.

TUES NOV 13 @ 8 PM | Jonny is put to task on a bakery assembly line, has his rubber arm twisted to do some chocolate-tasting and learns the ropes about throwing a real punch.

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Episode 4x10

Radisson, Sask.

TUES NOV 20 @ 8 PM | Jonny visits the spa for a not-so-relaxing service and stumbles gracefully through a ballroom dancing lesson.

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Episode 4x11

Canso, N.S.

TUES NOV 27 @ 8 PM | This small Nova Scotia town has always played a big role in Canadian technology. Now it’s been selected as Canada's new home for space launches.

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Episode 4x12

Minto, Man.

TUES DEC 4 @ 8 PM | An eccentric millionaire shared his $1.5M inheritance with his hometown of Minto, Manitoba. But nobody can remember him living there.

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Episode 4x13

Wells, B.C.

TUES DEC 11 @ 8 PM | Jonny Harris meets artist Peter Corbett in Wells, B.C., and he paints the most beautiful winter scenes.

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Season 3

Episode 3x02

Bell Island, N.L.

TUES JUNE 27 @ 8:30 PM / 9 NT | Jonny goes for a dive to explore some WWII wreck sites, gets some step dancing lessons, and has a kitchen party at Dicks' Fish and Chips.

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Episode 3x03

Manitou Beach, Sask.

TUES JULY 4 @ 8 PM | Jonny visits Manitou's "water park", delivers a monologue at the theatre, and tries to stay on target at the archery club.

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Episode 3x04

Mattawa, Ont.

TUES JULY 11 @ 8 PM | "It's not about just building a canoe to put it on the lake. It's about sharing my culture." Jonny learns the art of birchwood canoe building.

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Episode 3x05

Edgerton, Alta.

TUES JULY 18 @ 8 PM | "It's elegant and dangerous all at the same time." These talented women from Edgerton, Alta., aren't horsing around when it comes to trick riding.

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Episode 3x06

Avondale, N.L.

TUES JULY 25 @ 8 PM / 8:30 NT | Jonny goes for a white-knuckle spin in a race car at Avondale's Eastbound International Speedway.

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Episode 3x07

Lake Cowichan, B.C.

TUES AUG 1 @ 8 PM | Lake Cowichan, B.C., has been dying a slow death. But they're about to host a massive country music festival that could save — and overwhelm — their small town.

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Episode 3x10

Norwood, Ont.

TUES AUG 22 @ 8 PM | Jonny tastes some crunchy crickets, feeds a crowd of hungry gators, and gets an almost TOO-relaxing Thai massage.

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Episode 3x12

Gilbert Plains, Man.

TUES SEPT 5 @ 8 PM | Jonny discovers the power of hemp, makes some pierogies with the mamas and the babas, and picks up the beautiful art of Veselka dancing.

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Season 2

Episode 2x01

Skidegate, B.C.

TUES JUNE 14 | In the Season 2 premiere, Jonny fries up a big batch of fresh donuts, busts out the chainsaw to carve his very own totem pole, and picks up a fierce game of hoops.

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Episode 2x02

Vanastra, Ont.

Jonny loads boxes of 'nipples' (pipeline fittings), gets up-close and personal with a swarm of chickens, and tries his hand at a game of curling.

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Episode 2x04

Fort Coulonge, Que.

TUES JULY 5 | Jonny pampers the town's furry friends, samples a taste of maple heaven, and ziplines through the trees to catch a breathtaking view.

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Episode 2x05

Telkwa, B.C.

Jonny discovers the art of sausage stuffing, gets his boots dirty on some rugged terrain, and learns about a horticulturist's plans to grow medical marijuana.

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Episode 2x08

Inuvik, N.W.T.

Jonny visits an oil town excited for the completion of a new highway that will complete Canada’s road network from coast to coast to coast.

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Episode 2x09

Omemee, Ont.

Jonny meets Neil Young's childhood friend, takes rifle shooting lessons from the town doctor, and goes adventure diving in a swimming pool.

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Episode 2x11

Pilot Mound, Man.

TUES SEPT 6 | This small Manitoba town got its hockey rink thanks to a ballsy fundraising idea: a calendar of men 55 and over, in the buff.

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Episode 2x12

Mabou, N.S.

TUES SEPT 13 | Jonny tears up the trails with a member of The Rankin Family, picks up some conversational Gaelic, and helps welcome a Syrian refugee family to the Maritimes.

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Episode 2x13

Maple Creek, Sask.

TUES SEPT 20 | Jonny meets a trio of new Canadians who helped their small Saskatchewan town recover from a devastating flood by restoring its beloved 19th-century hotel.

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Season 1

Episode 1x01

Bamfield, B.C.

Jonny befriends a local socialite with a cannon, narrowly survives a fake Tsunami and discovers the true meaning of hard-core community.

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Episode 1x05

Berwick, N.S.

As the residents of Berwick, Nova Scotia demonstrate, if you shake the barrel, the big apples will rise to the top.

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Episode 1x07

Lytton, BC

Jonny pans for gold and learns that the true currency in Lytton, B.C. isn’t dollars, it’s trust in the future.

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