What do you miss most about living in a small town?

They say home is where the heart is. So when we asked on our Facebook page what people miss most about the small towns they came from, they poured their hearts out. Did you make the move from small town to big city? Which one of these can you relate to the most about your hometown?

Cozy community

"The first time I moved to a big city, as I was crossing a crosswalk, someone honked at me. I immediately turned around to wave, but then realized I didn't know a single person in that city." — Sonya B.

"I miss waving to all the older ladies at their windows (including one very special lady - my Grandma) on my walk to the school bus stop. I even miss my parents knowing what trouble I'd been up to, before I'd even made it home. Now that I'm the parent - they say it takes a village to raise them - and quite honestly, I miss my village." — Janice M.

"Going back home to small town Manitoba can be likened to anticipating Christmas morning. You feel the welcoming waves you get as each car or truck and sometimes tractors meet u on main street. Smiles on neighbours faces from yesteryears greet u as u grab your parents mail from the post office. Your family still gathers at your parents for noon lunch on work days. You feel the warmth, the love, the sense of peace and you just can't wait to get back again." — Lori L.

"I miss knowing everyone, being greeted by name when I entered the local store or library, still getting my mail even if the address was wrong because they knew who I was. My siblings and I comment that we didn't have one mom, we had a block full of moms and they all would have been keeping an eye on us when our mom was away lol." — Patty D.

"I miss my mom being our substitute teacher for any grade and any subject and treating me and my friends like we were all her kids. She knew all their parents. City folks don't take to that community parenting thing like rural folks. Also miss all the nicknames... you know: Farky, Boof, Coob. Red. Every cousin had (still has) 2 or 3. City folks don't do that so much either. If you don't have at least 2 nicknames you're not from a small town." — Paula R.Z.

"You know every person, but more than that you know every deadly jump for your bike, every haunted house, every supposed spot of quicksand. Those areas were as notable as city hall. You never dated a stranger because you knew his brother and his uncle and his grandparent." — Erica L. H.

"Going out to the fields during harvest and all the canning 'parties' we did with my aunts and cousins." — Danielle P.
"Hey we are still doing a canning party haha." — Melissa T.

"Driving my kids to Glen Orchard PS in my nightie some mornings." — Pam M.

"I miss the inherent trust of people. Roadside produce stands with no vendors. Just an unguarded cash box where you leave your payment." — Rick S.

Bear bonding

"I went from Kitimat BC to Toronto and I miss having to be more worried about bears nabbing you than people. Same thing here in Edmonton where I live now. Love the show Johnny!" — Andrea C.

"In Fort Mac I feel your bears comment. We had 4 in a tree in town yesterday." — Sheri A.

The nurture of nature

"Now living in Regina, Fogo Island will forever have a special place in my heart. I miss her rocky shores, the smell of the ocean air (food for my soul), and her amazing sunsets with the bay and the saltbox houses on the horizon ... To this day, my heart swells and my throat gets tight just thinking about one day returning to the Island and her people. Life has taken me on a different route, but I wouldn't be where I am today had it not been for the amazing people of Fogo Island and the formidable impression they have left on my life." — Pam O-J.

"I grew up in Brooklyn, NS and I moved away from there to Halifax, NS when I was 13. I miss it sometimes, just the fresh air, being able to walk out my back door and go explore in the woods or stick my feet in the ocean. I miss seeing the stars at night and the peacefulness. I miss the friends I made, that I knew for what felt like forever. I named my daughter Brooklyn, after the town, and now I will always have a little piece of home with me." — Nancy W.

"Most of all I miss the stars at night. Oh God how I miss the stars! I honestly can not wait to move back to the country! It's where I belong!" — Samantha J.

"I grew up on a cattle farm in west Central Saskatchewan, and when I moved to Regina, the one thing I always said I missed was the smell of cow manure. All my city friends thought I was crazy, but to me it was the smell of home." — Azure M.

"I miss having nature so close. Could wander in the woods all day. Now I go barefoot on the lawn at work for a hit of the feeling." — Rebecca F.

"I miss so many things from the small town in Newfoundland where I grew up. The peacefulness. The smell of the ocean. The smell of the trees and grass after a rain. The sound of the whales up the Sound waking me up on a summers morning - their calls and the sound of them blowing as they move up the sound." — Debbie S.

Peace and quiet

"Oh the quiet of a small town. Rare to hear sirens or honking. If there's honking - someone got married! lol" — JJ N.

"I did the exact opposite, moved from a big city to a smaller city then to a small town! Wouldn't change a thing!! Do not miss the traffic or close neighbours, small yards, smog and pollution, or attitudes of city people!" — Ruth A.

Fun activities

"I miss having the one performing space. In Cranbrook, I went to everything at the Key City Theater. The symphony, plays, CBC radio, performers past their prime, Children's Festival performers - it was all in once convenient place. Free parking and when it was all done there might be a 5 or 10 minute traffic jam. (Which seemed endless at the time.) I love Calgary but going to performances is so much more of a hassle." — Debbie R.

"Walking past our town hall as a child at Christmas time and hearing the Christmas music playing over the loud speaker." — Tammy P-D

"I grew up in a small community outside a small town in rural BC. I now live in Edmonton. I miss the social life and activities I constantly had on the farm and in town (Creston)." — Rita C.

"Drive-in theatres, block parties, peach festivals and waiting in line at the Stoney Creek Dairy." — Nancy K.

Originally published on August 18, 2017