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Your Best Face in 3 Steps

Beauty expert Christine Cho shares her three-step solution to put your best face forward.

The Perfect Pout

Your Perfect Face in Three Steps

Shape tip: Your lipliner should act as a blueprint for lip colour and stencil for your ideal lip shape, symmetry and size.

Application tip: Dab and push your lipstick on in thin layers to ensure long wearing lips and create a natural finish.

Bonus tip: Add a dab of clear gloss to the centre of the bottom lip to make lips look fuller and for touch of glam.

Products used: Make Up For Ever lip pencil no 48L'Oreal Color Riche 285 Pink Fever lipstickMAC Clear Lipglass

The Bold Brow

Your Best Face in Three Steps

Shape tip: Use your brow pencil like a level to target and mark symmetrical points A (inner brow), B (arch, highest point of brow), C (outer tip of brow). Dot each point with a light taupe eyebrow pencil to use these reference points to guide your brow shape. Outline the ideal brow shape by dotting and dashing lightly, going back and forth between each brow's matching points.

Application tip: Lightly fill in any hairless areas using a small stiff brush and feather in colour to match the brows.

Bonus tip: Place a small amount of hair gel on a clean mascara wand and brush a thin layer through your brow hair to set them in place.

Products used: Tweezerman Eyenhance Brow Definer/Highlighter Duo pencilElizabeth Arden Dual Perfection Brow Shaper powder in Soft Blonde 01

Sculpted Cheeks

Your Best Face in Three Steps

Shape tip: For standout cheekbones, smile and apply sculpting powder using soft long strokes to cup under the natural apples of your cheeks and cheekbone up to the hairline. The sculpting powder should be slightly darker than your natural skin tone to enhance your bone structure. Add blush on to the apples of your cheeks sweeping upwards.

Bonus tip: Sandwich highlighting powder both above and below your sculpting powder to really make your cheekbones pop! Instead of buying a new product, use light eyeshadows as a highlighter on your upper cheekbones.

Products used: L'Oreal The One Sweep Sculpting Blush Duo in Posh, Laura Mercier eye shadow in Star Fruit


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