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Dangerous Fashion? Woman Suffers Nerve Damage from Skinny Jeans

This story takes the saying “beauty is pain” to a new level. A woman in Australia was helping a family member move out — while wearing skinny jeans. Unfortunately for her, squatting all day in those tight pants ultimately lead to her hospitalization for nerve damage.

After a day of squatting to empty out cupboards, the woman (who remains anonymous) walked home but noticed numbness in her feet. Soon, it became increasingly difficult for her to walk and she tripped and fell on the floor.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, she spent "some time" lying on the ground in the dark until she crawled to the side of a road to hail a cab to take her to the hospital. But by the time she arrived at the hospital, her calves were so swollen that doctors needed to cut the jeans off of her.

After spending four days in hospital, she made a full recovery and can walk again.

Fashion Health Hazards

Woman in shapewear looks off frame.

This season, Dr. Melissa Lem shared potentially harmful clothes that most people wear on a daily basis. Unsurprisingly, skinny jeans were among the list of fashionable culprits! 

Other clothes to look out for include: wet swimsuits, neckties, thongs, shapewear, and flip flops.

Will you be more cautious next time you go shopping? Comment below.


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