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How to Transition Your Purse from Winter to Summer

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As the warm summer breeze begins to finally roll in, we start to re-organize our wardrobes, but just like our closets, the contents inside our purse also need a bit of revamping to transition from that winter bag filled with tissues, mittens and lozenges to some summertime essentials.

Whatever adventure you get yourself into this season, whether it be a picnic at the park, a pool party or a stroll around the lake, keep your purse clutter-free by carrying around these summer must-haves that you'll actually use!


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This is a staple to every woman’s summer look! But trendiness aside, choosing sunglasses with UV protection will allow you to make a statement and protect your eyes at the same time. Polarized shades will also cut down on glare, perfect for summertime cruising behind the wheel.

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Travel-size Razor, $12

Receive a last-minute invitation to a pool party or the beach but no time to shave? Don’t fret. This mini Gillette Venus Snap Razor is perfect if you’re always on the go. About three quarters of an original Venus razor, this portable razor has a water-activated ribbon to give you moisture for a smooth and quick shave.

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Hair Doughnut/Hair Ties, $5 or DIY

Sweaty hair on those super-hot and humid days can be a struggle. Having a couple of hair ties or an elastic headband will definitely come in handy for those desperate times! But for a more styled and easy look, try the ‘doughnut’ to give you an instant polished, perfect bun! These bun-makers are cheap but you can make your own!

How to Make It

  1. Use a clean sock that’s similar to your hair colour.
  2. Cut the toe part off the sock leaving you with one tube open at both ends.
  3. Roll the sock down; take the top edge and roll it down to the bottom. Make sure it’s tight and evenly shaped all around. The sock will then begin to take the shape of a doughnut!

How to Wear It

  1. Simply pull back your hair into a tight ponytail — or looser for a more casual look.
  2. Slip the doughnut through the ponytail, pulling it to the base so that all the hair is inside it.
  3. Pull it as close as possible to the ends of your ponytail.
  4. Tuck all the ends of the hairs around the side and centre of the bun and begin to roll the doughnut down towards the base of your ponytail, rotating it so it is completely covered by your hair. It will gather into a perfect bun within seconds!
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Sun Lotion, $15

Skin safety is probably your number one priority in the summer — especially when it comes to our faces — therefore making this item your most important summer essential. No matter where you are, sunscreen like Neutrogena’s Clear Face Sunscreen Lotion comes handy as soon as you start to feel those warm but harmful sunny rays.

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Protective Lip Balm, $4

Often overlooked, it is extremely important to keep your lips protected and hydrated throughout the summer to prevent them from becoming dry and chapped. Nivea’s Sun SPF 30 lip balm is the perfect tool to carry in your bag to keep your smackers feeling and looking as luscious as possible.

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Oil-Absorbing Face Wipes, $10

Along with the great weather comes dreaded oily skin. To keep your make up intact and instantly remove excess oil, use blotting sheets like Sephora’s Lavender Blotting Papers.

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Other summertime purse essentials include: waterproof mascara for quick and easy touch-ups, mini-deodorant in case you need to layer on some more throughout the hot and muggy day, roller ball perfumes to freshen up instantly and a water bottle because staying hydrated is the key to summer survival!

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