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Hairstyle How-To: Two Step Updos


You don't have to feel intimidated by trying something different with your hair. Hair expert Kristjan Hayden shows how to do beautiful updos in just two easy steps!


1. Ponytail


We've been seeing a lot of tight and sleek ponytails recently, both on red carpets and runways. If you think a ponytail is too casual for work or going out, think again! If you do it with perfect technique, a ponytail can look really high fashion. Do it yourself by following this easy trick:


Start by sectioning half your hair on top of your head.

  1. Pull the rest of your hair back into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic string or an elastic band.
  2. Spray your roots with hair spray, slicking it back with a brush to create a sleek and sophisticated look. Now just pull the top section back and join the two ponytails with a strong elastic band.

Tip: when you’re putting your first ponytail in, lift your chin because when you lower your chin, your ponytail snags!

2. Braids


Braids are definitely something we are seeing a lot of for spring and summer, as it's very much in line with the boho-chic look. When people think about braids, they think about long hair, and little girls, but Kristjan encourages women of all ages with all hair types and lengths to try braids this season! Braids can actually be chic and sophisticated if done right.


After creating a deep side part, divide your hair into two sections.

  1. Create a thick French braid with the large section of your hair, and a loose, regular-sized braid with the smaller section.
  2. Tuck the two ends together at the back of your head, securing with a couple bobby pins, for an updo that will take you from day to night!

Tip: Braids are a great way for people with short hair to keep their hair off their face, so this could even be a good gym or yoga class look!

3. French Twist

French twist

The French twist is another great, classic hair style — great for an evening out on the town — but it can be intimidating for people to try at home. The French twist looks way harder than it is! You can accomplish it quickly and easily in two steps:


First, section your hair into a top and bottom

  1. Make the bottom section into a messy knot, sweeping the knot to one side and pinning the ends underneath it.
  2. Do the same to the bottom section, and then join the two together!

Tip: The knots don’t have to be perfect. Undone hair is very trendy right now!


Video: 2-Step Hairstyles

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