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Travel Fashion

Whether you're touring Europe, jet-setting to Miami or kickin' it in the Caribbean, resident stylist and fashion producer Tara Williams has your travel wardrobe covered. Leave the black at home and go bold and bright when you hit the road.

High-Flying Comfort

Comfort at 30,000 feet doesn't have to include sweats. Instead, opt for a cozy palazzo pant and layers on top to help you transition from cold days to heat waves.

The perfect clothing for plane travel.

Above, on her: cream top and silk pant Zenobia; denim jacket, tote bag and sandals, all Gap; jewellery, Banana Republic.

Above, on him: linen blazer and trousers, both H&M; Grandchild leather loafers, Aldo; Diesel striped knit polo, at the Bay.

Sightseeing Chic

Comfort is key when you're touring around your destination as well. Men, don't charge your gal with all the heavy lifting; bring along a great cross-body bag for toting snacks, sunscreen and water.


Above, on her: top, Banana Republic; printed shorts, Zara; neon cross-body bag, Aldo; green wedge, H&M.

Above, on him: Diesel button-up shirt, coral khaki shorts and Denim & Supply cross-body bag, all at the Bay; aviator sunglasses, Fantroy sandal, Aldo.

Beachy Keen

Throw all your swimwear rules out the window before you take off this season. The one-piece suit is back in a big way, while shorter is better for men's swim trunks.

Tara Williams' favourite swimwear.

Above, on her: swimsuit, sunglasses, sandals and hat, all Gap; scarf, at Holt Renfrew.

Above, on him: linen button-up shirt and Etro swim trunks, both at Holt Renfrew; flip-flops, Old Navy.

In the Heat of the Night

When the sun goes down, it's your turn to light things up, but keep it breezy. A kitten heel or flat is a wise choice in case you end up strolling along a cobblestone path or on the beach. And men, what better chance to wear those usually forbidden white pants?

What to wear out at night while on vacation.

Above, on her: Alice & Olivia sequined dress, at Holt Renfrew; clutch, H&M; bangles, Banana Republic; Enzo Angiolini Killy low-wedge sandal, at the Bay.

Above, on him: Tommy Hilfiger white pant and denim-style blazer, both at the Bay; Etro button-up shirt, at Holt Renfrew; gingham runners, H&M.


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