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How to Lengthen Your Torso and Hide Thighs with Fashion

Our fashion expert Genny Iannucci helps two viewers with their fashion dilemmas. Our viewer Sarah would like to lengthen her short torso while Lorraine needs proper clothing to disguise her thighs. 

Sarah's Question 

“I am 5'7" but short waisted. How can I lengthen my torso when wearing pants?”



  • Avoid high-rise pants! Tuck in your shirt with mid or low-rise pants. Because these pants sit lower on your body, they will create an illusion of a lower waistline.
  • Bunch your blouse or shirt over the waistband to lower the line even further.
  • Add a belt with the same colour value as your shirt.
  • Another helpful look is to wear your shirt untucked with a layered knit over. Choose a knit that ends one or more inches below your waist with a looser fitting bottom hem.

Get the look:

Lorraine's Question 

“Genny, I have heavy thighs and saddlebags. I have no idea what pants or skirts are best for me. How can I make my saddlebags disappear?”



  • Look for skirts and trousers that fall straight off the widest point of your hips/thighs. When clothing wraps tightly around your thighs, they make you look larger.
  • Choose pants with a relaxed fit through the hip and thigh and avoid tapered ankles.
  • Always make sure there is one inch of extra fabric at your widest area of your thighs.

Get the look:

  • navy skirt and teal skirt from H&M
  • polka dot skirt from Tristan
  • trouser from Express


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