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Three Ways to Wear the Pocket Square

A fashion detail that makes a big style impact, Genny Iannucci breaks down three easy ways for men to wear pocket squares.

The Square Fold: This classic fold peeks out about half an inch. Fold the pocket square to the right, then fold it to the left so that it's the same width as your pocket. Tuck it in, and poke it out half an inch.

The Multipoint Fold: Decorative and for elegant occasions, lay your pocket square flat, then fold it into a triangle. Take the bottom corner and fold it up to the left side of the top point. Take the other bottom corner and bring it up toward the right of the top point. Flip it over, insert it into pocket, and adjust the peaks.

The Cut-Tie Fold: In a pinch or on a budget? Take a great old tie and cut it off at the end and voila: instant pocket square.


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