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Three Ways to Wear: Hosiery

Hosiery is all the rage right now, but there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right pattern and hue. Fashion stylist Erica Wark helps us get a leg up on the trends.

A few tips

Keep it simple: The busier the outfit, the less textured or patterned stocking will show up. Consider using solid colours or small prints that read as solid from a distance.

Think proportion: If you are on the short side, coordinate your hosiery with your outfit rather than contrasting it.

Consider the focus: Are the stockings going to be the focal point of the outfit? If they are, avoid distractions that will draw attention away from the effect you are trying to create, like loud jewelry or a bold handbag.

Aim for balance: Textured stockings will draw the eye downward unless there is something to balance the impression. Good body proportions are a natural solution, but if you need to create some artificial balance, consider wearing a scarf, a free flowing hairstyle, or a wide collar that will create interest at or above the shoulder line.

Choose your shoes wisely: If you're wearing heavier tights, a chunky shoe is appropriate.

Wearing a lighter sheer tight, a lighter, more delicate shoe gives a cleaner line. If you're wearing a patterned or fishnet tight, best to keep your shoe as simple as possible.

All Hosiery from Secret

1. Casual

Casual Hosiery

scarf, Talbots; vest, Banana Republic; coat, Talbots; denim top, Old Navy; belt, Talbots; skirt, Banana Republic; boot, Nine West


Work Hosiery

skirt, Talbots; blazer, Judith and Charles; turtleneck, Talbots; necklace, BCBG; shoes, Aldo

3. Evening

Evening Hosiery

dress, Melanie Lyne; scarf, Zara; shoes, Nine West


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