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Three Makeup Dilemmas Solved!

Beauty expert Sandy Gold joined Steven and Chris on the show to solve three common makeup dilemmas with makeovers!

Here are Sandy's tips and tricks:

Makeup Dilemma #1

Jenny wants to look older and more sophisticated.

Jenny's before photo

Sandy says:

Having a full, round face is usually a feature that people relate with looking young and youthful, so...

  - sculpting the cheekbones and chin will help to add a few years to your look.

  - dark lipstick will make you older than a lighter lipstick.

  - darker eyebrows take away some youthfulness, so fill them in so that they still look natural
    but fuller and more defined.

  - use neutral tones on the eyes, a gel-eyeliner and mascara to maintain a professional look
    that is simple, yet elegant.

Jenny's after photo

Makeup Dilemma #2

Joelle needs a solution for her red blotchy skin.

Joelle's before photo

Sandy says:

  - Use a Green Corrector, which is a product that is applied before foundation and is used as
    a spot treatment on areas where you might need to counteract any redness on the skin.
    A few things you might want to consider when applying a green corrector are:

    1. You should never be able to physically see "green" pigment on the skin. If you do, it
        probably means you have applied too much, so always remember that a little goes a
        long way.
    2. You want to choose a corrector that has a nice gel-like texture that just melts away into
        the skin. You don't want to get a product that requires you to do a lot of rubbing or
        blending, because too much fussing in the area could actually make it more red.
  - Next, use a medium to full-coverage foundation with a yellow undertone and apply it all over
    to even out the complexion and bring some warmth to the skin.

  - To cover blemishes, apply an opaque oil-free liquid concealer as a spot treatment. Don't
    use a cream concealer, as too much blending and pressing and patting will cause the
    area to get red again. A liquid concealer should melt away and look like your second skin.

  - Finish with a light dusting of a blotting powder to set the makeup and keep it looking fresh
    and flawless all day long!

Joelle's after photo

Makeup Dilemma #3

Diahann has no idea how to create a natural-looking face.

Diahann's before photo

Sandy says:

Diahann is naturally beautiful and loves to play with makeup, which is so much fun, and I love that! But, unfortunately, she was playing with all the wrong colours!

- Use a yellow-based foundation
- Use a neutral palette
- Create a soft smokey eye 

  Sandy Gold and Dihann in Dihann's after photo.

For more of Sandy's Beauty tips you can visit her website: happiface.com.


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