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The Scarf Three Ways

The trendiest hair accessory right now? The scarf. Hair expert Matthew Collins shares three ways to wear it, starting with an easy wrap.

The Scarf Three Ways

Scarf Wrapped Bun

Use a scarf to add some colour and personality to your hair! Pull your hair into a nice high bun. Wrap your scarf around the base of the bun and finish by tying the scarf into a bow.

New Bandana

This is a great look for second day hair. Grab your favourite scarf and fold it so it's long and flat. Tie the scarf around your head. Knot the scarf at the nape of your neck and leave it trailing to one side. This is a great and easy hippy chic look.

Braided Bow

Take your new bandana look and braid the scarf into your hair. Leave the end of the scarf loose and free to finish.


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