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The Canadian Screen Awards: The Stars and Styles


While you were snoozing through the lacklustre Oscars, Canada was preparing for the last big event of award season, the Canadian Screen Awards. Celebrating film, television and digital awesomeness, it's a more relaxed affair than its American counterparts, but that doesn't mean it's short on star power. Entertainment reporter Eli Glasner and Steven and Chris lifestyle expert Andrea Bain spoke with us about the career moves and style choices of the hottest CSA nominees.



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Andrea Martin: Host

Will she do a better job than Neil Patrick Harris did at the Oscars?

Eli and Andrea: Yes!

Eli: She’s got big shoes to fill because she’s following Martin Short, who is the consummate entertainer.
Andrea: She is naturally funny. She’s a bit of a survivor. Honorary Canadian. She’s going to do a fantastic job.

What styles do we want her to wear?

Andrea: Whatever’s gonna show off that great little figure she has.
Eli: Edith Prickley. C’mon. I will put money on it that we are going to see Edith Prickley on stage in some way.

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Robert Pattinson (Supporting Actor, Maps to the Stars)

Eli: It’s tough. He had to become the anti-Twilight and get out from under that. In Maps to the Stars, he’s playing this guy who is an aspiring actor. So he’s actually making fun of his own trajectory.
As for his style: He’s the kind of guy who can do the tux without the bow tie. But that’s the way we’ve seen him in half of Cronenberg’s movies.

Andrea: I do not see the appeal of Robert Pattinson. That said...he’s British. The British know how to get dressed for certain occasions. He’s put on the right suit. It will fit. I’m sure he’ll have shower and look good. I’m sure there won’t be a comb involved with his hair.

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Julianne Moore (Lead Actress, Maps to the Stars)

Eli: She’s the most grounded, giving, generous person.... [She] does the beauty stuff really well, I guess, but the soul of her is really the most beautiful thing about her.

As for her style, Andrea describes her as “always tasteful.”
Andrea: She wore something cream [to the Oscars] which didn’t translate well on camera. 98 per cent of the time she is bang-on.

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Ryan Reynolds (Lead Actor, The Captive)

Eli: He’s in an interesting place right now. He’s had a couple of movies that haven’t really hit. And he’s done a couple of interesting side projects that got him attention.

But his star power is about to increase: He’s recently made the new Deadpool movie, which is a spin-off from X-Men.

Andrea is a huge fan of both Reynolds and his stylish spouse, Blake Lively.

Andrea: He’s a gentleman. He’s not going to take any risks. He’s not going to wear a powder blue suit. But he could show up in jeans and a T-Shirt….

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Sarah Gadon (Supporting Actress, Maps to the Stars)

Andrea: Hauntingly beautiful.

Distractingly so, agrees Eli.

Eli: She’s a film student. She’s going to do a presentation of Maps to the Stars, to her class at The University of Toronto, because that’s where she studies film. I have to remind myself that there is an amazing brain, you know, inside all of that beauty.

They both agree that she is one of the astounding actors of this generation in Canada. They're just waiting for her to find the right role and explode.

Andrea: When I think about what she would wear, I hope it’s something daring that will make people start whispering.

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Tatiana Maslany (Lead Actress, Orphan Black)

We've seen her steady rise to fame with Orphan Black, and this year she is both nominated for the award and will be a presenter.

Where do you see this Orphan Black star going next?

Anywhere she wants, agree Eli and Andrea, the world is her oyster.

As for her fashion choices?

Eli: She can do full-on glamour and stunning beauty, or she can turn it down casual and walk down Queen Street.

Andrea: When you’re young and beautiful, it’s not hard to get dressed up. I hope she does something fun and sexy and lets everyone know that, you know what, she’s not just a great actress, she’s also a smoking hot chick.

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What can we expect from the CSA red carpet?

Eli: You’ll see a mixture from great tuxes to a rental to a shabby suit. And we’ll see dresses that range from the cocktail dress to the evening gown. I’d like to see a little more glamour, but I think it’s always going to be — inherently — a little more casual in spirit, because we are.

What should CSA nominees keep in mind?

Andrea: We do great work, wear something comfortable, look cute. Try to wear a Canadian designer.

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