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Tara’s Closet: Style Secrets

Our lovely and ever stylish fashion producer Tara Williams opens her closet once again to show us three trendy outfits in her wardrobe.

Tara's Closet: Style Secrets

The Sequin Pant

If you own a sequin piece, get more wear out of it by going either more casual or more dressy. Normally sequin is seen as a skirt or top, so these harem-style sequin pants are a real statement piece. Don't feel you can only wear sequin on special occasions, it can be worn casually when paired with denim. The denim top pictured does just the trick, and is a must have right now.

When shopping for a denim top, look for a shirt that is more fitted, and avoid anything too billowy – that style is old news now. If you have a larger bust, stay away from double pockets.

The Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is a really versatile style that can be flattering on almost all body shapes. When you look for one, aim for something that's going to hit you right at the knee, as that's the most ladylike and flattering length. Three-quarter sleeves are universally flattering on everyone, and they give you a chance to show off your sexy wrists, which are accessorized with some fabulous bangles of course.

The Trouser Jean

The trouser jean is a must-have item for all women. You can go for a sturdy fabric or opt for something lighter like those pictured, which feels more like linen pants than jeans. Make sure you shop with your shoes, as the trouser jean should kiss the top of your shoe and show off an inch of heel at the back.

This tone on tone look is trendy right now and it's so easy to do. Don't be afraid of matching your hues of blue here. As long as everything is blue it will look cohesive.

Fashion producer Tara Williams


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