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Tara’s Closet: Fabulous Finds

Our fashion producer Tara Williams shares more of her personal style and wardrobe tips, letting us take a peek into her closet full of fabulous finds.

Tara's Closet: Fabulous Finds

The Maxi Dress

Tara loves this dress because of the blue and navy combo, not to mention how comfortable it is. She bought it at Old Navy for less than $30. Add a blazer and it can easily be worn to the office. Why not also add a pop of colour with a bright orange bag -- so unexpected!

Shopping Tips:

  • Make sure you have shape wear, and wear it!
  • Always aim for the ankle with full length skirts and dresses.

Faux-Leather Pant/Vintage Top

Leather stretches and over time loses its shape, that's why Tara loves these vinyl pants! The jersey back of the pants not only makes them comfortable but totally breathable. Tara rocks them with this hot pink vintage blouse, found at a thrift store for only $3.99.

Shopping tips:

  • Look for a permanent front seam on the pant -- this is flattering for most women and gives the pant a polished look. It also helps to elongate the leg and make it look lean.

The Jersey Dress

Found at a thrift store for less than $10, Tara was immediately attracted to the cobalt blue colour, which is so on trend right now. It's a complementary colour for everyone!

Shopping tips:

  • Dresses like this have absolutely no hanger appeal, so the big lesson for all ladies is not to trust the hanger. If you like the colour and the feel of something try it on!

Tara Williams


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