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Tammy’s Inspiring Story

Tammy was nominated for a makeover by The United Way as a way to recognize her contributions, and give back to their hard-worker who has done so much for her community.


Tammy, a hard-working single mom to three boys, was on social assistance when she started volunteering through The United Way. She was able to give back to her community, and eventually started working full-time with Action for Neighbourhood Change, allowing her to come off of social assistance. The busy mom dreamed of getting a family portrait with her boys, so Steven and Chris hooked her up. Tammy spent a day of pampering with style expert Genny Iannucci and hair expert Kristjan Hayden at Civello Salon to get her ready for a fantastic family portrait with photographer Kirsten Colley-Lussier at Yellow Butterfly Photography

Kristjan went to town and took off some length to create a fun and flirty look for Tammy. He also took Tammy's hair to a beautiful red tone for some added drama. Genny got Tammy in a beautiful outfit and accessories from Laura, Laura Plus with her shoes and handbag from Winners.


Tammy brought her family and supporteres to join us in the audience:

Tammy is a volunteer at The United Way. She has helped give back to her community and so she got a Steven and Chris makeover. Here, she stands in the studio's set with her fellow volunteers, one of her sons, Kristjan Hayden, Genny Iannucci, and Steven and Chris.

We also hooked up Tammy's three sons with an outfit from Jack and Jones to get ready for their family portrait, and we're sending Tammy to the Four Seasons Spa to relax and get ready before heading out for that family photo.


Video: Tammy's Story

Video: Tammy's Makeover Revelation

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