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5 Beauty Hacks to Survive Summer


Summer has begun, but with hellish humidity and the seemingly supersonic sun, the season of fun can bring with it some unflattering beauty/style struggles. If a midday stroll through lush greenery or an impromptu rendezvous to the beach has you fretting, don't worry — we have this season’s top beauty hacks to banish some common summer discomforts.

Baby Powder to Stay Dry

Baby powder for breast sweat
(Photo credit: Austin Kirk / Flickr)

Whoever claimed diamonds were a girl’s best friend must have had a momentary lapse in judgement. Baby powder is a go-to oil absorbing, sweat-busting summertime buddy. If suffering greasy roots or breast sweat, sprinkle and dab baby powder on the area in question to reveal you of sheen.

DIY Racer-Back Bra

DIY racerback bra
(Photo credit: Natalie Timperio)

While visible bra straps are often considered a fashion faux-pas, racer-back tanks are among the most popular of summertime attire. To remedy the issue of visible straps, create a DIY racer-back bra with the use of a paperclip. Simply squeeze your straps toward the centre of your upper back and then secure them in place with a paperclip.

Antiperspirant for Your Feet

Antiperspirant for uncomfortable shoes
(Photo credit: Natalie Timperio)

Antiperspirant can be used for so much more than your underarms. If tormented by blisters from those much-loved but oh-so-painful sandals, prior to wear, rub antiperspirant onto your Achilles’ heel, between your toes or wherever else you tend to experience blisters to help reduce chafing.

Lemon Stain Remover

Lemon as a natural stain remover
(Photo credit: Natalie Timperio)

Sometimes there’s no better way to combat the body’s natural residues than with a remedy born from Mother Nature herself. With its natural acidity, lemon juice works wonders to remove sweat stains that seem to be an inevitable side-effect of summer. Simply squeeze lemon juice on the stained areas before tossing said shirt in the wash and watch it work its wonders.

Aloe and Goodbye

Aloe vera for razor burns
(Photo credit: iStock)

Similar to the way aloe vera is used to soothe sunburns, it can also be used to treat razor bumps down-under. Forget costly and medicated ointments, opt instead for aloe vera; apply immediately after shaving to soothe the area and reveal your bikini area unwanted irritation.

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