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Style Secrets: Managing and Styling Curly Hair!

Many women with curly hair complain about a lifelong battle against frizz. Curly hair expert, Patience, joined us on the show to share her best tips for managing and styling curly hair. Here's a quick recap of the after shots and what Patience did to help these curly-haired beauties.

CURL TYPE #1- Tight Ringlet Curls


Effie has tight curls, and although she loves them she (along with thousands of other women) complains about frizz and very dry hair.

Patience showed Effie how to wash and prep her hair, a very important step in curly hair maintenance.

Ladies if you have curly hair, the following products will change your life:

  • Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner
  • Microfiber towel
  • A Satin Pillowcase

CURL TYPE #2- The wavy curl

leanne before.JPG

Leanne has wavy curls that have lost their curl and get very frizzy.  Patience showed her how to revive her hair to get sexy curls- check her out.

For wavy curls you need to:

  • Diffuse properly
  • Clip your curls back so the curl will keep longer
  • Revive the curl the next day with a homemade curl reviver. Get a small spray bottle, fill it with 2 parts water and 1 part conditioner.  Spray sparingly in your hair and with your fingers gently lift the curl up!


CURL TYPE #3- Combination curls

Jessica wrote us, and we thought she deserved a hair makeover!  By combining steps #1 (tight curls) and #2 (Wavy curls) Patience gave her a killer new look.

jessica before.JPG



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