Style Icon-Inspired Fashion

Fashion icons are timeless with looks and style inspiring to all women. That's why we asked fashion editor Vanessa Taylor to shares some gorgeous looks inspired by past and current style icons.

Audrey Hepburn

Inspiration: Little Black Dress

Audrey exemplified simplicity, introducing us to the little black dress (LBD). The cut and silhouette of the dress is clean and doesn't rely on colour or extra details to make an impact.

Style Icon Fashion: Audrey Hepburn

What style lessons can we learn from her?
  1. Start with a good foundation.
  2. Go for classic pieces in your wardrobe, choosing the most flattering silhouette for your figure.
  3. Simple doesn't mean boring. If of-the-minute trends aren't for you, timeless pieces (that never look dated) are your best bet.

Modern Take:

The options are limitless with a great-fitting LBD, which can be updated each season with accessories. It's an investment piece you'll have for years.

Get the look: dress, Ivanka Trump heels, The Bay; bag, gloves, Michael Kors

Diana Ross

Inspiration: Printed Suit

Today the graphic print still has a modern feel. Designers like Prada, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs have revived this matchy-matchy look in recent years.

Style Icon Fashion: Diana Ross

What style lessons can we learn from her?
  1. Create a cohesive look. Don't discount the power of a co-ordinated outfit, be it with head-to-toe print or colour.
  2. Try new styles. Diana Ross experimented with strong hues, embellishment and new silhouettes.
  3. Be strategic. Diana used her statement pieces like sequined tops, bold accessories and bright scarves to highlight her best features. Pick one piece to stand out and let it be the focal point.

Modern take:

The wearable version of a head-to-toe print look is co-ordinated but doesn't feel like a retro costume. You can wear this look with a solid coloured jean if you're new to prints.

Get the look: blouse, coat, brooches, jeans, clutch, Club Monaco; shoes, model own.

Brigitte Bardot

Inspiration: Striped Breton Top

The off-the-shoulder neckline was made popular by Brigitt Bardot. Today we see more of the boat neckline.

Style Icon Fashion: Brigitte Bardot

What style lessons can we learn from her?
  1. Treat stripes as a basic, they can be worn with anything from jeans to skirts at the office and always looks stylish.
  2. Sexy doesn't mean revealing. While she sported short shorts and bikinis in St. Tropez, her iconic style is renown for its classic carefree feel-primarily consisting of slim cropped trousers, knits, oversize hats and sundresses.

Modern take:

We swapped the basic cotton tee for a dressier fabric, making it more versatile for wearibility. We love the shot of colour in this blazer, but a cardigan would go great with this look too.

Get the look: striped top, blazer, jeans, bag, scarf, Jacob; heels, model's own.

Kate Middleton

Inspiration: Nude Look

Kate is known to look prim but without looking stuffy or dated. She mixes a classic cream dress with a tweed jacket in a coordinating colour. Though the pieces are classic, the fit is relaxed. Kate is renowned for her nude pumps, which are great pieces if you want to lengthen the legs.

Style Icon Fashion: Kate Middleton

What style lessons can we learn from her?
  1. Feminine style reigns- she achieves an hourglass shape by always defining her waist, with a wide belt or pleating on a dress.
  2. Dress for the occasion. Kate always looks comfortable even when she's running around in flats and jeans
  3. When she's in a skirt it's always the appropriate height and she's never tugging down a skirt that's a few inches too short or tight.

Modern day take:

Kate doesn't wear many prints, but she does have many dresses in lace. The goal here is to look polished, but not matronly.

Get the look: dress, jacket, heels, Tristan; clutch, Club Monaco


Inspiration: Fedora and Accessories

We love to see Madonna on stage in costumes, but also like to see what she wears as a casual everyday look. The key is accessories. Sunglasses will save you every time, and the oversized scarf is an instant outfit maker.

Style Icon Fashion: Madonna

What style lessons can we learn from her?
  1. Layer it on: an oversized knit scarf, fedora or studded bag add glamour to a casual look.
  2. The essential black leather jacket is a staple in Madonna's wardrobe and an extremely versatile piece.

Get the look: jacket, t-shirt, jeans, Jacob; bag, Aldo; hat, Tristan

Michelle Obama

Inspiration: Bold and Bright Colours

Michelle Obama embraces colour in such anupbeat, refreshing way. We're used to seeing first ladies in classic (and totally boring) boxy skirt suits with beige hosiery. Michelle Obama doesn't go for daring necklines or hemlines, her wardrobe is made up of flattering staples, but updated with seasonal colours and prints.

Style Icon Fashion: Michelle Obama

What style lessons can we learn from her?
  1. Maximize your accessories. Think bold belts, statement necklaces or printed shoes.
  2. Pass on the clutter. With a kaleidoscope of colours in her outfits, skip the fussy jewelry and embellished bags. We frequently see Michelle with virtually no jewelry and in simple ballet flats.

Get the look: cardigan, skirt, LOFT; sleeveless blouse, Banana Republic; heels, Aldo


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