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Pinup? Rocker Chic? Find the Style Persona For Your Body Type


When it comes to expressing yourself through clothes, don’t ever believe anyone who says you “shouldn’t” or “can’t” do something. The freedom to wear whatever we feel like is one of the great joys for fashion-loving folks. That being said, there are certain cuts and styles of clothing that really do suit particular body shapes, and figuring out what they are and how to wear them is part of the endless enjoyment fashion provides. To give a little guidance — and have some fun at the same time — here are four fashion archetypes and how they match up to certain body shapes.

Curvy = Vintage Pinup Bombshell

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With the hair, the busts and the behinds, the pinup models popularized in the 1950s had some serious assets…and knew how to show them off. While we’re not suggesting you stage a steamy poolside photo shoot, taking some of the styling tricks from this era can enhance your curves. Loose-fitting clothing doesn’t do your shape any favours; look for pieces that hug the body. Cinch a belt at the waist (or at the bottom of the ribcage) or try on a still-popular peplum top—both these options create the illusion of a tiny waist. Oh, and a bold lipstick colour is a must!

Slight Frame = Music Festival-Goer

Music Festival Goer

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The popularity of massive weekend-long music festivals such as Coachella, Glastonbury and Osheaga has given rise to its own fashion category: the festivalgoer. The remote geographical locations (deserts, open fields and forests) and the type of accommodations available (tents and camper vans) mean that clothes need to be appropriate for the landscape and work from dawn to dusk. Kate Moss turned Hunter wellies into a household boot brand (beyond Buckingham Palace), while Alexa Chung made cut-off jean shorts cool and Vanessa Hudgens championed the crochet mini dress. These items all flatter narrow hips and long legs — but they also make walking through the mud possible and dancing all night totally doable.

Athletic = Scandinavian Minimalist

Athletic chic

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Tall, strong and powerful, an athlete’s body is made from hard hours at the gym, on the field or outdoors, pursuing activities that strengthen muscles and engage the mind. There’s no rule that says that getting dressed can’t be just as dramatic as your last round at CrossFit. The clean, simple lines of Scandinavian-inspired clothes fit the proportions of a larger frame while still keeping the overall look feeling feminine. Show off those toned legs with a short skirt but limit the outfit to a monochromatic palette to maintain that Stockholm-streetstyle edge.

Petite (Short) = Rocker Chick

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Who says petite can't be edgy? A hot leather jacket, a black wool toque, studded ankle boots and an easy-to-apply eyeliner pen — these are the always-on-hand accoutrements of any rocker chick worth her salt. The Goth makeup and oversized grunge rags are gone; these days, the girls who get their kicks on Route 66 are chic and sleek. The petite woman can pull on a hard-to-find vintage concert tee paired with high-end skinny jeans and a cropped leather jacket, and look like a million bucks. Rock on, sister!


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