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Spring Trends

Genny (dress from The Bay) was back to show us how to look our best in this season's key colour and print trends!


Floral Prints:

Floral prints are a strong trend this season and they have been appearing in everything from jackets to skirts, blouses, shoes and dresses. This dress on Daphne features a stunning diffused floral print in a universally flattering wrap style.


Where to get it:

Entire look from Banana Republic

Crochet and Lace:
Lace is having a major moment in fashion. Crochet is a great wearable alternative to lace - Kim is wearing a crochet sweater made of indigo and white striped ribbons. A nice maxi skirt is great with this sweater for a relaxed boho vibe.


Where to get it:

All clothing from Spanner
Bag from Spanner
Shoes from Marshalls
Hat from Mexx


Amongst all the beautiful colours and patterns this season, white is a refreshing palette cleanser. Lorella is in a lined soft military dress so you don't have to worry about wearing special undergarments.


Where to get it:

Dress from Marshalls
Shoes from Marshalls
Bag from Winners

Colour Blocking:

Instead of incorporating colour through pattern, use colour blocking as a clean way to inject some colour into your wardrobe!

Some tips:

  • Wear solids in crisp, saturated colours.
  • The key is in colour BLOCKING, so limit yourself to 2-3 strong colours for the most impact.
  • Finish the look with shoes that correspond to one of the colours in the outfit, a metallic or neutral.


Where to get it:

Entire look from Winners

Mixing Prints:

Now that you know how to wear colour and prints - why not start mixing prints? 

Some tips:

  • When mixing prints, keep the mix to two prints per outfit.
  • Echo the colour from one print in the other to ensure cohesion.
  • For balance select one larger and one smaller print - wear the larger print on an area you'd like to accentuate.
  • Keep your shoes and accessories simple so you're not competing with the prints


Where to get it:

Clothes from Anthropologie
Necklace from Anthropologie
Shoes from Marshalls


A sophisticated, navy jersey dress features tribal embellishment at the neck. Wear complementary accessories to maintain a tribal spirit.


Where to get it:

Dress from Spanner
Bag from Spanner
Shoes from Marshalls


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