Smart Shopper - Underwear

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Liliana Mann, Owner of Linea Intima, joined Steven and Chris on the show on Tuesday, January 5th 2010 to give us a 101 on the most important garment you'll ever buy in your lifetime: your underwear!

Your undergarments are the foundation for your clothes... choose a bad foundation and you won't look right.

But choosing the right cut, style, fabric and fit for your underwear can make you look and feeling great in your clothes.

Here are Liliana's expert tips on how to choice the right undergarments for you:

The must-have qualities

  • No matter what the style or cut, you should feel comfortable
  • What makes you feel good and sexy will read in how you carry yourself. If you feel good, you'll look good!
  • A common mistake in purchasing underwear is to buy them too big. Many women think this will prevent them from riding up or prevent the "roll over" when in fact the opposite is true.
  • Price point is another thing to watch for - you get what you pay for! Cheap underwear will lose their shape and wear much more quickly.

The most common styles

Wacoal High Cut Lace Panty $45.00
Wash instructions: Hand wash warm, lay flat to dry

- The waistband rests at, or just below, the navel and back coverage is full. The legs
may or may not be high-cut (A high-cut brief is also known as a French-cut).
Best worn: under short skirts and dresses. A great style for women who are a size 14+.

Lejaby Low Rise Panty $35.00
Wash instructions: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

Bikini - Thin but not string like, the bikini's waistband rests below the navel on the hips.
Best worn: by Pear-shapes. It has a higher cut on the thighs, which elongates the leg and makes you look taller/sexy.

Hanky Panky Lace Boyleg $42.00
Wash instructions: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

- This is a low-rise style that extends to the top of the thighs, with full back coverage.
Best worn: under low-slung pants and skirts. They wear well on a shorter waist and wider hip because it hugs them nicely and comfortably.

Natori Bliss thong - $29.00
Wash instructions - Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

Thong - This style leaves the derriere mostly exposed in order to prevent VPI (visible panty lines). The g-string would be it's cousin, which has no back coverage and a string-like waistband.
Best worn: if you have a flatter bottom because it sits nicely and there's no ride-up.

Fabric facts

Cotton - a natural fiber and the most common, although not the most practical as cotton underwear does not allow for movement of your clothes. Clothes tend to cling to it and it also tends to be thicker, which can add bulk

Microfibre - very comfortable and allows for easy movement under your clothes. It also keeps it's shape well.

Silk - the most luxurious, made of thin and very delicate fibers. Silk has a shorter, but totally fabulous life!
Lace - polyester with blend of lycra to provide strength and stretch. It's comfortable and hugs the body.

Caring for your undergarments

Liliana says: "Love your lingerie.  Treat it well and it will treat you well."

  • Wash delicates by hand using specially formulated detergent such as Forever New.
  • Turn delicates inside-out and fasten clasps if a washing machine must be used.
  • Enclose lingerie in a lingerie bag or pillowcase when using a machine.
  • Always fold bras and panties carefully, Do Not crush or store them carelessly.
  • Don't be afraid to breakaway from cotton - the gusset of most high quality panties are often made of cotton.
  • Never put lingerie in the dryer!


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