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Chris’ Angels: Just How Good Are These Skin Exfoliators?


Chris' Angels are back — and they're testing out three unique exfoliators to see how smooth they get your skin and whether their claims pan out!

SEPHORA Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder ($24)

sephora metamorphosis

Claim: A gentle but effective exfoliating powder that creates a fresh, clear complexion. Double-action exfoliation-through a gentle chemical peel and micro cellulose powder-to smooth and soften skin texture instantly. May be used once a week alone or mixed with a daily cleanser. Gentle enough for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Verdict: It's good. I like how it has no parabens but I think I would just use an exfoliating brush instead. I found it a bit messy for me. You definitely should do this one in the shower. To get the powder off of your sink becomes a dripping mess! I thought it would make a big difference but I didn't see a big change in my complexion. I read some online reviews and others were fans of the product. Most of the fans said they had red, dry skin. Taylor

Baiden Mitten ($50)

baiden mitten

Claim: Easy to use, natural home remedy that will quickly eliminate your skin problems in the privacy of your own home. Removes toxins and residue from your pores. Finely resurface skin so that it's so healthy that you do not even need to use foundation no matter how old you are. Literally wipes off dead, dull skin cells and residue and everything that does not belong on your skin anymore. Actually see the rolls of dead skin cells and wash them away forever  and have healthy, glowing skin.

Verdict: It works. But beware, you can become a little over zealous with it. My skin was definitely much smoother and it is really great for knees, elbows and ankles where a lot of old deeper pigmented skin tends to collect. It clears out the area and literally brightens the skin. This glove is also much less abrasive then the exfoliating shower gloves they sell at the drug store. - Cher

Baby Foot Easy Pack Original Deep Skin Exfoliation for Feet ($27)

baby feet exfoliant

Claim: Easy three-step process: apply, soak, then wash away. It takes only one week to remove the dead skin cells from the sole which means only one application to make your sole like a baby's. In some cases it may take approximately two weeks.

Verdict: Love love love!

PROS: Results are amazing! I found peeling the dead skin away immensely satisfying.

CONS: The skin on your feet will shed ike a snake, get your vacuum or swiffer ready. If you have any cuts or abrasions on your feet it will hurt like hell.You may need to cover your feet during the "shedding " phase so don't use this for the first time before a big event. It can make your polish go dull or bleed, so you might want to just remove nail polish before doing the treatment. It is a big time-consuming. - Joanne

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