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Shop Your Closet: Baggy to Tailored

Stuck in a style rut? Grab some inspiration from fashion expert Genny Iannucci, who helped hairdresser Tim shop his closet for a more tailored look. Check out his before and after.

Shop Your Closet: Baggy to Tailored

Tim so often turns to the same comfortable pieces that he's practically got a uniform of beige pants and blue shirts. He wears his clothes very loose and baggy, rarely tucking in his shirt, which adds bulk to his frame.

To improve Tim's look while working with what he had, we tailored his shirt and shortened the sleeves for a better overall fit. Tim didn't own straight leg dark wash jean, which is a style staple, so we purchased a pair that has a slimmer pant leg. This enhances his physique and instantly updates his look.

For this head-to-toe tonal look, the jean picks up on the darkest colour in the plaid and creates a strong vertical line through the body. The dark denim, meanwhile, reads dressier than lighter washes.

Tim also had a great aqua gingham plaid shirt in his closet that's so on trend we decided to tailor it and shorten the back hem. We paired it with a blazer and picked up a pair of updated navy chinos.


  • When wearing patterned shirts choose a fit that sits closer to your body. Strong patterns on large billowy shirts will make the area they cover appear larger.
  • A blazer with strong defined shoulders that sit squarely help create a wonderful V-shape and a trimmer waistline.


Get the look: dark jeans from Winners; navy chinos, Banana Republic; shirts and blazer, Tim's own


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