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Sexy Makeup for a Romantic Date


Have a hot date coming up? Beauty expert Christine Cho shares her tips to make sure cupids bow lands on you! To get a dreamy romantic date night look, focus on playing up features that you love about your face. Beauty is individual and special for each person, so focus on what you love and you'll always feel like you look your best!

Sweet Cheeks

Female model smiling

Work with your face shape to sculpt the cheekbone structure of a goddess! Cheeks are a big part of smiling so shaping them correctly can instantly warm up your expression and mood.

Get the look:

  • Push on darker concealer under cheekbone/apple of cheek on angle. Imagine a line from the top of your ear to the corner of your lip or hold brush or pen there.
  • Use a light cream highlighter on to the upper cheekbones on an angle above where the blush is.
  • Make sure to blend edges with a clean finger.


  • Using liquid or cream products creates more of a dewy fresh glow than powders do.
  • Concealers that are darker than your skin tone can work as great cream contouring products.
  • Lipsticks can double as cream blush!

Products Used: lip/cheek balm, highlighter, and darker concealer as contour from Dalish

Cupid's Bow Lips

Model with red lipstick

Get the perfect pout by drawing on the ideal lip shape for you to say “kiss me!”

Get the look:

  • Push on the first light layer of red lipstick to stain lips.
  • Line the whole lip, not just edges with matching red liner.
  • Apply lipstick again with a lip brush. The brush allows for more control.


  • Cover both lips with a light layer of skin-matching concealer. This evens the base for lipstick.
  • Clean up edges of lips with concealer pencil or concealer and stiff angled brush. This prevents feathering/bleeding.

Products Used: Elizabeth Arden red lip liner and lipstick.

Bedroom Eyes

Model with smokey eyes

Create a timeless the sexy smoky eye with dreamy blending to accentuate a sultry state that says, “Come hither!” A basic smoky eye is essentially the blending of multiple shades in a gradient of some sort from dark to light.

Get the look:

  • Use a medium shade creamy eye shadow as the lid colour. It helps the darker shade stay put all day/night and makes the look appear more dramatic.
  • Rim the upper and lower lash line with dark neutral eyeliner like black or dark brown to start. Do this so that when you apply eye shadow the colours will already start smudging
  • Apply the darkest powder shade slightly above your eye crease to your desired shape. You can lift, widen and lengthen eye shape by the placement of eye shadow!
  • Highlight your upper lid right under brow arch.
  • Finish off with plenty of black mascara. Reapply black eyeliner for more a more dramatic look.


  • Adding a touch of the lightest highlight on the middle of your lid will catch light and further opens the eyes for extra allure.
  • Pair this look with neutral lips and cheeks to draw the focus on your eyes.

Products Used: Make Up a For Ever limited edition Give In To Me makeup kit.


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