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Sandy’s Beauty Don’ts


Stop what you're doing! According to beauty expert Sandy Gold, your makeup habits may be doing you more harm than good. Heed her beauty dos and don'ts to make sure you're putting your best face forward.

sandys_beauty_donts1.jpgDON'T apply cream blush with your fingers!

Not only do your fingers actually remove more blush than they put on, but they also add oils and bacteria to the product, which cause it to spoil faster. Use a fluffy foundation brush instead and apply blush in a circular motion to the apples of your cheeks.

Sandy's picks: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide cream blush, Stila Convertible Colour.

DON'T apply mascara directly from the tube!

It leads to clumps and goopy, droopy lashes! Run a toothpick through the wand to remove excess product for clump-free lashes.

DON'T curl your false lashes with an eyelash curler!

It creates a dent in the lashes that looks extremely unnatural. Curl your lashes with paper instead. Place your lashes on a piece of paper and roll it up like a croissant; keep it rolled for 30 seconds and voila: perfectly curled lashes!

Sandy's pick: Ardell lashes.

DON'T leave your razor in the shower!

It shortens the life and efficiency of your razor by causing the blade to get rusty and dull. Do pat the razor dry with a towel after each use and store it in a dry place.

DON'T use foundation to fight the signs of aging!

Most women think they can cover up their fine lines and wrinkles by applying extra foundation, when in fact, it has the opposite effect. Excess product has nowhere to go but into creases, which exaggerates wrinkles. Apply your foundation sparingly with a damp sponge.

DON'T fear bronzer.

As we get older, our skin tends to lose some of its natural radiance. Use liquid bronzer to recapture that youthful glow. Apply the product with a large powder brush to your forehead, cheeks and chin, followed by a light sweep all over.

DON'T go to bed with your makeup on.

Leaving your makeup on overnight can clog your pores and dry out your skin, making you look older. If taking it off at night is too much of a chore, remove your makeup as soon as you get home. A pre-moistened face wipe makes the task even easier!.

Sandy's picks: Cetaphil Gentle and Oily Skin cleansers, Yes To Cucumbers facial towelettes.


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