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Runway to Reality: Eyebrows

Beauty Expert Christine Cho visited us to talk what's hot in the world of runway beauty.


Today, it was all about the eyebrows! They frame the face, keep you looking polished and are a great cheat for a perfectly symmetrical face!

Here are some of Christine's inspirations pulled STRAIGHT from the runways!

CHANEL (above left) had a strong editorial look that was ALL ABOUT the EYEBROWS. Great for a party or super dramatic look. Just cut out some fabric, glue on some crystals and you're good to go!

PRADA (above centre) was about the colour. The key to this look is contrast. If you're not as keen on the colour just make sure your eyebrow contrasts the colour on your lids.

The most wearable look was at ETRO (above right). Here's how Christine would create this look at home:

1. Start with the eyebrows and work your way down the face. Tweeze any loose hairs to create relaxed, full eyebrows. If you've overplucked or don't have naturally full eyebrows, add some volume by lightly pencilling in a colour that matches your eyebrows. No hard lines here or it won't look natural!

2. Keep your eyes defined, but sleek. This look is all about the eyebrows so you don't want to distract. Just a tight eyeliner and a swipe of eyeshadow will do the trick!

3. End with a quick hit of colour on your cheeks and lips to complete your face.


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