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Runway Beauty Trends: Winged Eye

Ask beauty expert Christine Cho about the latest runway beauty trends, and she'll tell you this season it's all about the winged eye!

Runway Beauty Trends: Winged Eye

The winged eyes from the '60s are back full force all over the runways. Here are three of Christine's favourites!

Lanvin (above left): featured a bold, black winged eye for an instant lift! This is the perfect night time look for anyone who's looking to have some fun!

Anna Sui (above centre): took the cobalt blue straight from fashion and encorporated it to create an edgier winged eye. This is a youthful way to wear a winged eye and is great way to add some fun colour to your face!

Altuzarra (above right): was all about the double winged eye. The negative space between the two lines makes your eyes look even larger and is really on trend!

The double winged eye is fun, and also has great impact.

Here's how you can do it at home:

1. Apply primer or foundation to your eyelids to make sure your winged eyes last all day!

2. If you're new to lining your eyes use a sharp eyeliner pencil - it's easier to use. If you're comfortable lining your eyes use a gel liner and angled brush for the perfect blend between precision and buildable colour.

Tip: Choose products that are highly pigmented to keep your line clean and crisp!

Tip: Make small dashes and connect them for a thin tight line along lash line. Use this trick ANYTIME for a perfectly lined eye.

Now onto the wing:

3. Build thickness from mid point or 3/4 of the way out and begin lifting to the desired wing tip height.

Tip: Never follow lash line all the way to outer edge when lining; always stop a few lashes short, then start to straighten line out or LIFT.

Trick: Line up a piece of tape along the bottom of your eye to create a guide for your winged eyeliner. Peel off when you're done for a crisp line.

4. Once you have your ideal winged shape, trace the liner with a liquid liner to set.

If you're more traditional you can stop here. But since it's all about Runway Beauty go for a TRIPLE WINGED EYE similar to the Altuzarra runway.

Onto the bottom line:

5. Dip a thin liner brush into your gel liner and trace along the bottom lashline. Then wing it out parallel to the upper wing (two times for a 3 pronged winged).

6. Rim the inner waterline with a white waterproof pencil. You could use a nude pencil as well for less impact. This is the trick make-up artists use backstage to really make your eyes stand out.

Trick: Load up a concealer brush with cream concealer and sneak it in between the two wings for extreme contrast and extra crisp definition.

7. Dip a clean angled liner brush into pressed face powder and sweep it over the concealer to set.

8. Add a coat of mascara.


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