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Get Red Carpet Beauty Looks at Home


When it comes to award season, beauty and style expert Nadia Albano says that anyone can get inspired by the glitz and the glamour! For the stars, it's all about leaving a lasting impression and getting on the best dressed list; much like making a first impression on an interview or on a first date. Many of these looks are extremely easy to achieve at home. They are fool-proof and take little time to create!

Metallic Eye

Sarah Hyland's metallic eye makeup

Nadia considers metallics as "classic" tones because they are neutral and work for all complexions (cool, neutral and warm). Plus they are huge in home decor and fashion! Metallics can be styled with peach and coral accent colours.

Get this look inspired by Sarah Hyland:

Focus on applying the metallic on the inner part if the eye lid and continuing the outer corner of the eye to enhance and enlarge the shape of the eyes.  For every day wear, apply a wash of silver to the entire eyelid and layer on the mascara!

For the rest of the face to compliment the metallic eye, Nadia suggests her style sacrament DLDB (dark, light, dull and bright). It's important to create a balance in colour, texture, highlight and shadow. Since the eyes are shimmery, Nadia suggests opting for a mat finished foundation to subtly contour the face and enhance the facial structure. To finish, select a pale matte or satin lip.

Barely There Makeup

Kate Hudson inspired barely there makeup

Minimalism is a huge trend in both fashion and interior design. The term "less is more" is the key with this trend. Nadia loves creating this type of look when her client's outfit is over-the-top or very revealing.  It creates a lovely balance that is very complimentary to extremes. Everyone suits this look because great makeup starts with flawless skin!

Get this look inspired by Kate Hudson:

To recreate this trend start with POREfessional to mattify and minimize the appearance of pores. Use a spray-on foundation and then a highlighter to emphasize where light shines on the face. Nadia recommends a strong brow to anchor this look.

Bold Berry Lip

Emma Stone bold lip makeup

Bold lips are a great way to show your personality without saying a word! It's über feminine, fresh and an all-ages makeup style that instantly brightens the complexion.

Get this look inspired by Emma Stone:

Start with an even complexion.
Tip: use an eye brightener under the eyes to create a crisp "awake" look.

For an even application on the lips, make sure they are exfoliated. You can either line the lips or use the product alone. First draw your lips then fill in with the applicator for an easy no-mess look. For eyes, Nadia says to go back to her DLDB rule; when the lip is bold, opt for a classic eye — like a cat eye — and a soft glowing complexion.


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