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Preloved Fashion Show

Julia Grieve, creator and owner of Preloved has made it her business to make modern fashion out of vintage and recycled clothes. Take a peek at the latest spring looks from her collection.

Golf Shirts turned Maxi Dress

Preloved: Golf Shirts turned Maxi Dress

Made out of recycled golf shirts, this maxi dress is comfortable and so easy to wear.

Peplum Tee and Hawaiian Shirts turned Skirt

Preloved: Hawaiian Shirts turned Skirt

Taking advantage of the trendy peplum silhouette, the lady-like cut is adapted to t-shirt form. The skirt, meanwhile, is made of vintage Hawaiian shirts.

Table Cloth turned Lace Dress

Preloved: Table Cloth turned Lace Dress

You can dress this lace bodice dress up or down, it's so comfortable and easy to wear. The lace comes from vintage table cloths, while the skirt has been transformed from men's trousers.

Striped Tees turned Skirt

Preloved: Striped Tees turned Skirt

Animal images on clothing is very trendy, and this howling wolf tank top really fits the bill. Paired with a skirt made of striped tees, the look is finished off with a clutch made out of old curtains.

All clothing from Preloved.


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