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Plus-Size Fashions for Spring 2015

Black is not the only option for fuller-figured women! According to fashion and lifestyle journalist Mana Mansour, black does have wonderful slimming effects, but colours and bold prints add personality and when used properly, can look amazing on women of all sizes. But with any outfit, it's important to always ensure a proper fit. It’s tempting to hide your body in layers and oversized clothes, but they'll only make you look bigger! Great fits make sure nothing looks sloppy or lumpy.




Look 1: Weekend "Boho Chic"

The hippie boho chic trend is creeping back into fashion for spring 2015. Designers took a page from Stevie Nicks incorporating ethereal dresses, patchwork, embroidery and tie-dye in their collections, all of which were inspirations for Mana when styling this weekend look. Flowing silhouettes in the boho chic look can look frumpy if not done right, so it's important to NIP IT IN!! The wider your waist looks, the heavier you'll look. A slim waist can visually take 10 pounds off your frame. And it also creates a sexy and appealing hourglass silhouette. So if your waist is on the wider or fuller side, use a belt!

Get the look:

Black dress: Addition Elle 
Hat: H&M
Belt: H&M
Ralph Lauren fringe purse: Hudson's Bay
Leather flats: Winners

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Look 2: Work "Colour Explosion"

Bright and whimsical floral prints have been a mainstay in the last few seasons and they are not going anywhere. For fuller figured ladies, make sure you are not wearing prints that are too large — the bigger the flower, the bigger the garment looks to the eye. White also plays a major role. Adding a burst of white is refreshing, especially after a drab winter. Fuller-figured women should strategically work with prints, shapes and details to make the eye go vertically as opposed to horizontally. Vertical details are your best friends. The verticle detail on this printed Toni Plus shirt does exactly that, as does the longer necklace. Small and dainty accessories will only make you look big in comparison, so scale your accessories to your size.

Get the look:

Floral blouse: Toni Plus 
Theory accordion pleated skirt: Hudson's Bay
Cashmere white coat: Laura Plus 
Hot pink purse: Winners 
Suede heels with cut-outs: Winners

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Look 3: Evening "Disco Glam"

Jumpsuits are sexy and flattering, not to mention comfortable (except for the minor detail of when nature calls!). Throwbacks to the 1970's Studio 54 have been prevalent in fashion and on the red carpet for a few seasons, and the jumpsuit is here to stay for 2015! Take inspiration from that era into the accessories as well, with an orange python clutch and tassel necklace. When wearing jumpsuits, fuller-figured women should wear it with heels. Anything else won't work and will have the opposite effect. Look for wide leg or loose-fitting pants for a great way to slim thighs. A v-neck pattern with a knot that's tied to the side will really make your curves shine. This may sound surprising but don't be afraid to show more skin — deep necklines and dresses instantly slim down your full-figure stature.

Get the look:

Jumpsuit: Addition Elle 
Necklace and belt: Laura Plus 
House of Harlow python clutch: Hudson's Bay
Strappy pumps: Winners

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Look 4: Weekend "Monochromatic Cool"

Monochromatic means wearing the same color but in different nuances — a great option for fuller-figured women. Compared to wearing contrasting colors (which cuts up your frame), dressing in one color de-emphasizes your problem areas and it makes the eye go up and down, instead of from side to side, creating one long silhouette. Rather than do it in black (boring) do it in grey, which is both edgy and flattering. When wearing monochromatic colours head to toe, inject personality with strong pops of colour! Also, try out one major stand-out piece that's trendy, like this leather moto jacket, on top of a monochromatic top and bottom. You can do this with a scarf or a necklace as well.

Get the look:

Moto leather jacket, grey jeans, sweater, scarf and tank: Addition Elle 
Open-toe grey leather booties: Winners
Leather tote handbag: Winners

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Look 5: Work "Classic and Lady-Like"

For the office, classic silhouettes never go out of style. This short sleeved sheath dress is a classic cut, but the bold colour blocked panel inserts and modern architectural seaming make it a great choice for fuller-figured women. The black panels automatically create an illusion of a slimmer frame, both on the body and arms. Adding a scarf will provide a pop of colour. When it comes to scarves, fuller-figured women should wear it long and dangling (or let one of the end dangle freely) instead of bundling it up. There's an exception if you're a pear body shape and lack width/volume on top compared to your bottom.

Get the look:

Anne Klein dress: Hudson's Bay
Kate Spade scarf and handbag: Hudson's Bay
Pumps: Winners

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Look 6: Evening "Wrapped Beauty"

The wrap-dress is a must-have item, because of its unbelievably flattering cut; it works if you're 100 pounds or if you're 300 pounds. Petite or tall, it can flatter the curves you have or add the illusion of shape if you're lacking in the curvature department. And when you're going out on a night on the town, you want to feel sexy and confident, and this dress can do all that. This version is a great choice moving into spring because black and white has been a huge colour combination on the spring runways. It's never really gone away but we're seeing it in bold graphic patterns like the print of this dress. Fuller figured women can definitely rock this trend but, again, try to look for patterns that go vertical rather than horizontal. Also, a cowl neckline that slightly drapes or a V-neck is a better choice.

Get the look:

Lauren by Ralph Lauren wrap dress: Hudson's Bay
Cashmere and fox fur red shawl cape: Toni Plus 
Metallic pumps: Winners 
Black embossed leather clutch: Laura Plus

:::Plus-Size Fashion: Wrapped Beauty | Steven and Chris:::
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