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Natural Beauty Alternatives To Get the Red Carpet Look


You don't have to spend the dollars getting expensive facials or buying pricy tinctures or teas. Holistic nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos shows us how to kitchen ingredients to prime your body for a special event.

1.  Clear Out the Toxins

Green cucumber juice

Juice cleansing is all the rage when it comes to anyone's pre-red carpet regime, or any daily regime to help one look and feel their best. Celebrities like Blake Lively and Michelle Williams claim this secret weapon helps them feel energized, makes their skin glow and peels off pounds effortlessly. It doesn't have to take over your entire diet, but it's a great supplement to a diet.

Green Juicing provides an instant surge of nutrients to the blood stream helping to clear toxins from the body, which results in increased energy, clearer skin and brighter eyes. A cucumber base increases the beauty effect. The skin of a cucumber contains collagen-strengthening silica — a trace mineral essential for healthy skin. Silica strengthens connective tissues, muscles, hair and nails. It also improves the skin's elasticity, helping to firm and tone. Cucumber's rich water content helps hydrate skin from the inside out, giving off that youthful 'glow.' 

Tip: Juice the entire cucumber, dab with a cotton pad and smooth over face as a skin rejuvenating a toner.

2. Drop the Bloat

detox tea

Dandelion Root & Chamomile Tea and Probiotics: George Clooney loves his tea and Kendall Jenner recently attributed her runway-ready figure to her tea addiction. Puffy is not a word any celebrity would like to be described as, whether it is puffy around the eyes or around their entire body. Making a tea using dandelion root and chamomile tea can prevent this from ever happening. 

Dandelion is a natural diuretic helping eliminate water retention. It also helps cleanse and purify the liver, which helps improve overall health, but also makes the whites of the eyes brighter and skin clearer!

Chamomile tea is the other secret weapon. Not only has it been used for years as a natural sleep aid, it's a beauty tonic too! Even in small doses, its calming effects help to combat insomnia and anxiety — which are very likely before a big show — and the results are quick! Not only will its beauty-sleep-promoting properties make you look all fresh, rejuvenated, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning but its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties reduce puffiness, skin inflammations and irritations such as acne and rashes. Plus, it has cell-regenerating properties. When coupled with the cell-regenerating benefits of sleep, it means you'll be looking smoking hot. 

3. Exfoliate

coffee grounds

Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham both make their own exfoliating scrubs. You can too! Start a week before your event with ground coffee.

There's a reason why caffeine is found in nearly every over-the-counter cellulite cream: wearing your coffee is a great way to reduce the appearance of lumps and bumps. Sadly, this doesn't hold true for DRINKING coffee, which actually worsens the appearance of cellulite. Caffeine is a natural anti-inflammatory that temporarily reduces the appearance of dimples by smoothing out the area. It also helps tighten skin and blood vessels, breaks down fatty deposits and reduces water retention by sucking excess fluid out of cells — making you appear thinner and more toned. Mixing it with a carrier oil such as extra virgin olive oil helps to hydrate and smooth skin at the same time. 

Added celebrity tip: Miranda Kerr and Elle Macpherson both use the dry brush because it also exfoliates and gets lymph and blood moving, it has also been touted as a cellulite combatant.

4) Plump up your Lips

cinnamon oil

Want a dewy pout like Angelina Jolie? Try extra virgin olive oil, cinnamon essential oil and cayenne pepper.


  1. Add two teaspoons of oil to a small bowl.
  2. Add two drops of cinnamon and a little bit of cayenne pepper and mix well.
  3. Dip in toothbrush then gently scrub lips.
  4. The oil hydrates lips while the cinnamon and cayenne acts as mild irritants making lips fuller.


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