Monstrous Makeup


Sandy Gold shows you how to create three spook-tacular looks for Halloween—each in less than 10 minutes—using products you already have in your makeup bag!


1. Fairy Princess

Fairy makeup is all about using your imagination to create a fantasy, so anything goes!

gold eyeshadow
dark eyebrow pencil
doily, piece of lace or homemade paper snowflake
lip gloss or colourful eyeliner

  1. Mix gold eyeshadow with foundation and apply all over face for a warm, reflective glow.
  2. Exaggerate eyebrows with a dark pencil to frame the face.
  3. Apply lip gloss or liner to chosen section of doily and stamp around eyes to create a whimsical pattern.

2. Baby Leopard

This quick and easy look is perfect for rambunctious little ones. Just dot it on and let them run wild!

black eyeliner pencil
chocolate-brown liquid eyeliner
small and large makeup brushes

  1. Colour eyes, nose and top lip black using eyeliner pencil. Exaggerate point on inner corner of eye and carry it down towards middle of nose.
  2. Create leopard's spots by dipping the end of a makeup brush into chocolate-brown liquid eyeliner. Alternate small and large brushes to create different size spots.

3. Spooky Skeleton

There's nothing pretty about this monstrous makeup!

white eyeshadow
black eyeliner pencil
makeup sponge
hot water
popsicle stick

  1. Start with a white base: Mix white eyeshadow with foundation and apply all over face, neck, ears and lips.
  2. While foundation is still wet, continue to apply shadow with sponge; press and pat into skin.
  3. Use soft eyeliner pencil to colour eyes black. Extend well under eyes and up and over eyebrows.
  4. Wet facecloth with hot water and lay it over eyes to create a creased, smudged effect. Smoke out the edges with soft black eyeshadow.
  5. Use a popsicle stick to trace out "teeth" on top and bottom lips with black eyeliner pencil. Start in the middle and work outwards.
  6. Contour face with matte black eyeshadow, applied below cheekbones and around chin.
  7. Finish the look by drawing a creepy spider with liner anywhere on the face.

sandy_gold_bio_halloween.jpgOur resident makeup maven, Sandy Gold (a.k.a. Alice in Wonderland), has a passion for beauty that's truly infectious. Check out her blog,, for how-to videos, upcoming workshops, the latest beauty buzz and more!


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