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Beauty Master Class: Sun Kissed Face

The beachy look is all about the gorgeous sun-kissed glow, and beauty expert Sandy Gold has all the info you need to achieve the look yourself.

You'll Need:

A luminous foundation
A bronzer that is two shades darker then your complexion
A fuschia blush
Pink eyeshadow
A high shine lip gloss

1. Foundation

Start off by evening out the skin tone with a lightweight luminous foundation. Get a foundation that has brightening properties so that it leaves your skin looking dewy and fresh, and not matte. Only apply the foundation where needed, not all over, because you don't want your base to look or feel heavy. You also want a foundation that is one shade darker then your everyday foundation. This will help to warm up the skin tone.

We used: NARS Sheer Glow foundation

2. Bronzer

Bronzer is the key to getting sun-kissed. Apply in light layers, and build the colour until your desired shade is achieved. Apply bronzer with a fluffy powder brush, then tap it off on a tissue before applying so that you don't apply too much at once. Then, apply it in two 'C' motions along each side of your face:

  • The first 'C' goes from your forehead to temples.
  • The second 'C' goes from your cheeks to chin, followed by a light sweep down your nose.
  • Then, dip the brush back into the product, and repeat on the other side.

We used: Bare Minerals Ready bronzer

3. Highlight

Add a highlighting powder to emphasize the glow and brighten. With a fluffy blush brush, apply a highlighting powder to the middle of your forehead, down the center of your nose, on top of your cheekbones and the middle of your chin.

We used: Josie Maran Argan illuminating powder

4. Add Pink

Complete the sun-kissed look by adding shades of pink to the eyes, lips and cheeks, which will complement the warmth in the bronzer and make the sun-kissed glow really stand out. Use a creamy stick eyeshadow all over the eyelid, a fuschia blush along the top of your cheek bones, and a pearl-toned high shine lip gloss.

We used: Marcelle Lux Cream eye shadow and liner in Ballerina; Stila custom colour blush in pink; Stila lip glaze in raspberry; Green Beaver Splendicious lip glose in rose; Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara


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