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Manscaping 101


Beauty expert Sandy Gold shares her guys' guide to grooming!

Sandy gives a manicure.

Dude Dilemma: Oily Skin and Shine

Sandy says... Use a mattifying moisturizer like Clarins Men Anti-Shine Gel, which helps to control oil production and minimize shine on the skin's surface.

Blotting papers are a great way to eliminate oil and shine when you're on the go. They're made of special absorbent paper and come in little pocket-sized sheets; all you have to do is press them to your skin anywhere you have shine. (In a pinch, a toilet-seat cover will do the trick, too!)

Dude Dilemma: Dirty, Dry Nails

Sandy says... Give yourself a manicure! Clean your nails in the shower daily with body wash and a toothbrush.

As for dry, cracked cuticles, massage olive oil around the nails. For a deeper treatment, dip 10 cotton balls in olive oil and drop them into the fingers of dollar store gloves. Slip them on while you're out shovelling or playing video games!

Dude Dilemma: Chapped Lips

Sandy says... For soft, smooth lips, combine sugar and olive oil together and rub mixture onto your lips for 30 seconds. Remove with warm water and a face cloth.

Dude Dilemma: Unruly Brows

Sandy says... Pluck without pain with the pluck-and-press method. After every tweeze, press down immediately on the spot with your thumb and you won't feel any pain!

Sandy Gold and her male subjects.Our resident makeup maven, Sandy Gold, has a passion for beauty that's truly infectious. Check out her blog, happiface.com, for how-to videos, upcoming workshops, the latest beauty buzz and more!


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