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Makeup That Lasts All Day Long

When you have a special occasion to go to, you want make-up that will last all day. Beauty expert, Sandy Gold showed us how to get it!

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A Good Base

The key to having long lasting makeup that looks fresh from morning to night is - a great base.  A base is everything that's done to the skin before applying makeup, like exfoliating, moisturizing and the use of primer.

Exfoliating  is a really important step that I would suggest to do once a week.  This removes any dry, dead skin cells that lye on the surface of the skin.  This will ensure your makeup application looks fresh and flawless.

Moisturizing with a cream or lotion is a must and should be applied to the skin at least 5 to 10 minutes prior to applying foundation so that it has time to dry and absorb into the skin. Otherwise, the foundation will just slide all over the place.

Extra Tip:  If you don't have time to kill in the morning - try using your blow dryer, on the cool setting to set your moisturizer in seconds.

A Primer is used to help prep the surface of the skin for a smooth long-lasting foundation application and wear.  A primer is not something I think you have to use everyday, but for those special occasions when you really want your makeup to last - it's a great option.

Your Skin

Foundation & Concealer are used to even out the skin tone to create a smooth flawless canvas.  For longevity purposes, I would suggest to use a matte oil-free foundation which will help control the oil.  It's important to note, that when using liquid or cream products, it is an absolute must that you set it with powder.  First with a big fluffy powder brush all over, then, with a sponge, for spot treatment and press and pat the powder into the areas that tend to get more oily.  These areas include the t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and under the eye's - all the way up to the bottom lash line.  

I like to call this step, the "set it and forget it" stage.  But, if you must still blot during the day - I love the MAC Blotting Powder as well as Tweezerman's Blotting Papers.




Eye Shadow - The eyelids tend to produce a lot of oils, so I would suggest to start with a cream eye-base or eye primer first and apply it all over the eye area.  Then, set it with a powder eyeshadow by pressing and patting it into the eyelid. This will help keep your eye makeup on for hours and prevent it from creasing.

Eyeliner & Mascara - The best way to keep your eyeliner on for hours is to use a liquid eyeliner. It dries instantly and is sure to give you all-day wear.  If your not sure how to apply liquid eyeliner, start with pencil or powder first, then just simply trace that already existing line with the liquid liner.

Mascara - If you're having troubles with your mascara flaking under the eye area, you might want to consider using a waterproof mascara instead.  Now, I'm not usually a fan of waterproof products, as it requires a special oil based remover and over time it could dry out your lashes.  But for special occasions when you really want your makeup to stay in place, it's a great alternative.


Lipstick - Lipstick is notorious for bleeding into the fine lines around the lip area.  So, I would suggest to first rim the lip line with a good blotting powder to help prevent bleeding.  Then use a lip stain instead of a lipstick.  It will give you a nice matte finish and will stay on for hours.  If you don't like the "matte" look, you can always apply a gloss on top of the stain.  

Extra Tip:  And, even though a stain last for hours, I would still suggest to re-touch your lipstick and gloss several times throughout the day to keep it looking nice and fresh!


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