Last-Minute Halloween Costumes


Maybe you haven't got an idea for your little ghost or goblin, or maybe your child doesn't want to be what they thought they did tonight. Well, we've got a solution for you - costumes that you can make from items around the house!


  • Take a white bedsheet and drape elegantly over your child OR cut a hole in them middle and hang it over them. If you have a white dress, use that. Or a big pillow case.
  • Use Tassles from your curtains to drape and tie around her waist or Holiday/Christmas gold/silver garland (we used gold in this case)
  • You can add any personal embellishments of your choice (jewelry, boas for feathers etc)
  • We used wire hangers to form a set of wings that we tie on her like a backpack with ribbon and put a pair of nude nylons over the hangers to create wings
  • You can personalize your wings and decorate with sparkles, glitter, stars or again any embellishments you'd like. You can also cover them with feathers or aluminum foil instead of hose to make them stand out as your own creation.
  • Christmas garland with a pipe cleaner makes a great halo (right on the head or you can get it to stand up over her head) or just gold decorations on her head
  • Rosy cheeks with makeup


  • Take an old plaid shirt and tear a rip in the arms (you can use an adult one if you want to wear a winter coat under it for warmth)
  • Get an old pair of jeans, toss on some dirt and use makeup to scruff them up or just tie up with cord and twine if you don't want to rip or dirty the clothes
  • Get an old baseball cap and/or straw hat if you do have one
  • Use grass, leaves, fake hay to stuff around the collar, under the hat, inside the shirts
  • Paint the face with black eyes and some dirt


  • Dress all in green with a green zip up hoodie that you pull over your head and tighten
  • Take an old umbrella (green preferably), break the middle stem out of the umbrella, paint a checkered pattern on the back and bend in the sides
  • Take two green strings and tie them to the inside base and slide over your kids shoulders and you have yourself a "shell"
  • Cute freckles on the face with makeup
  • Depending on your colour umbrella you can be a ladybug or a beetle or an insect of your choosing or you can add sleeves to the end and be a crab


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