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An Inspirational Mom Makeover

Sometimes we receive stories that move us beyond words. This was definitely the case with Lana Hill, who took part in our latest mom makeover.

Lana recently lost her daughter Kelsey to a rare type of brain tumor. She continues to raise funds under Team Kelsey and now acts as a role model and support to other parents and families who are suffering with similar illnesses.

Now that she's a speaker and public figure she needs at least one professional outfit that commands attention and gives her confidence. A new date-night look to encourage her to spend some quality and fun time with her husband also seemed in order.

Our makeover team Genny Iannucci and Kristjan Hayden were on board to give Lana a boost with a new look.

We'd like to give a big thank you to the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto for providing an overnight stay for Lana and to Cleo for gifting Lana with her two new gorgeous outfits!

Lana Hill Makeover


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